Kris Jenner Weight Transformation: Before, After Pictures

kris jenner she looks amazing at the age of 67, showing off her slim frame in an Instagram photo from May 3, 2023. She wore a form-fitting sleeveless cream top and matching pants that showed off significant weight loss, although the businesswoman has not revealed how many kilos she has lost.

The Kar-Jenner family matriarch has always maintained her trim figure, but tended to hide it under power suits and flowing dresses. She now sports a body that rivals that of her daughters, including a new little waist.

Fans first took notice of Kris’ slimming down in March 2023, when she appeared in an Instagram photo with her daughter. kim kardashian while wearing a black top that was tight to show off her waist. Her face also looked slimmer with her jaw more pronounced.

The following month, Kris appeared briefly in a TikTok video shared by Kylie Jenner shared from niece True Thompson’s birthday party. The mom wore a yellow pantsuit and one fan exclaimed in the comments, “Kris looks so much thinner.”

While the businesswoman hasn’t commented on her slimming down, some Instagram followers were quick to accuse Kris of using the weight-loss drug Ozempic. Semaglutide was originally produced for adults with type 2 diabetes, but it has become such a hit with the Hollywood crowd that the host jimmy kimmel he joked about it at the 2023 Oscars.

Pointing out how many actors and actresses lost weight over the year, he quipped, I can’t help but wonder, ‘Is Ozempic right for me?'” The drug works with the brain to reduce food cravings and makes a person feel more fills up faster when eating and regulates how the body stores fat and uses sugar.

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While Kris hasn’t addressed her weight loss, one fan claimed in comments to her May 3 photo, “Ozempic looks great on you,” while another added, “Looks like someone else has been on Ozempic.” .

Kris revealed that she starts her day with a brisk workout in an August 2022 interview with her daughter. kourtney kardashianPoosh’s website. As she went over her morning routine, her mother said that she gets up at exactly 4:30 am sharp, has coffee at 5 am, and then starts checking her emails. Kris then hops on the treadmill for a brisk walk from 6am to 7am, showers and works with her glam gear to get ready to start her workday. She also has a personal chef who cooks her healthy meals.

Scroll down to see Kris Jenner’s weight transformation in photos.

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