Kim Zolciak Selling Wigs Amid Financial Woes and Divorce

kim zolciak is selling her wigs at a hefty price in the middle of her financial problems and divorce of kroy biermann.

He Real Housewives of Atlanta alum 45 put her on blonde wigs on the market for up to $2,750 each at her online store, Biermann’s closet.

There are currently seven wigs available to purchase, each varying in length, style, and color. Prices start at $1,500.

In addition to her beloved wigs, Kim also sells clothing that she and her family previously wore on the website.

Over the years, Kim has been open to wearing wigs. She previously told fans on social media that it’s “just easier” to wear wigs because she “can’t imagine sitting around doing her hair and makeup for two hours a day.”

The Bravo star is selling her beloved accessories seven months after it was revealed that she and her then-husband, Kroy, had financial problems.

In contact confirmed that the former couple facing foreclosure in its Alpharetta, Georgia, mansion in October 2022 after they defaulted on $300,000 on the property.

Kim, Kroy, 37, and their children continued to live in the house, though In contact it later confirmed that the property would be sold at auction “to the highest bidder for cash” in February 2023. Despite the plan by the Fulton County courthouse and the Truist Bank, the property was reportedly withdrawn from auction in February without an explanation.

While they were able to keep their home, the family’s financial woes continued when it was reported that they owe $1.1 million in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties to the IRS from 2013, 2017 and 2018.

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the retired athlete She filed for divorce on May 5, while the mother of six Submit your own documentation for a contested divorce two days later, on May 7, In contact confirmed at the time. Despite filing their paperwork on separate days, Kim’s and Kroy’s filings were electronically entered into the Fulton County Superior Court system on May 8.

In his filing, Kroy noted that his marriage was “irretrievably broken” and stated that his four youngest children, KJ, Kash, Kaia and Kane, are currently in his care.

After the couple tied the knot in 2011, the Michigan native adopted Kim’s daughters from previous relationships: Brielle and Ariana – in 2013. Their eldest daughters are over 18 years old, so the former couple does not have to worry about custody of them.

Kim Zolciak sells wigs for up to $2.7K amid financial troubles and divorce from Kroy Biermann

In the midst of their divorce, Kroy accused his ex-wife of gambling away their marital funds and asked her to undergo a psychological evaluation. In contact confirmed.

He claimed the Florida native admitted she spent a significant amount of time and money gambling online, according to documents obtained by In contact. The former TV personality also stated that “compulsion has financially devastated the parties” and that Kim’s gambling habits have affected the way she raises her children.

Kroy requested that Kim be psychologically evaluated for any underlying mental issues and asked that she be ordered to undergo psychological testing by a licensed psychologist.

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