Kim Kardashian Slammed for Single Parent Complaints

kim kardashian is being criticized by fans after saying how hard being a single mom is and that it’s so overwhelming that she cries herself to sleep at night.

“Parenting is really hard,” the SKIMS founder said on the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast on Monday, May 22., adding, “That’s the only way I can describe it.” Kim shares four children, daughters North, 9, and Chicago, 5, as well as sons Saint, 7, and Psalm, 4, with her ex-husband. Kanye West.

“I had the best dad. I don’t want to get excited. It’s just been a day for me,” she continued. “It’s hard. Shit, like co-parenting, it’s fucking hard, you know?

However, not all fans believed how difficult it is when she is worth over a billion dollars and has a great staff.

“So you’re telling me he doesn’t have nannies, chefs, and personal assistants? Does she do everything for her children? Yeah sure,” one person wrote in comments on the podcast’s YouTube post.

“She has four nannies. One for each child. In addition to assistants, housewives, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why not mention it here? another asked as a fan wrote: “This interview feels out of touch and without depth from my point of view.”

Kim’s daughter Chicago recently brought up her mother’s lack of cooking skills in a Mother’s Day quiz. Next to the query, “The best thing that cooks is…”, Chicago responded. “Mom doesn’t cook, she has a chef.” The aspiring lawyer shared it on an Instagram story, adding: “OMG.”

Kim went on to say about parenting, “It’s the most rewarding job in the entire world. It is. There is nothing that can prepare you. … I don’t care how long you wait. I don’t care what you’re waiting for. You’re never ready.”

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The SKKN founder then confessed how hard it is to get her kids ready for the day. “It’s like I always have to do one of my daughters’ hair, and she has to be perfect, and it has to be a certain way, and then she needs me to put her shoes on and everyone needs you. It’s like total madness, cooking, running. Like, it’s wild.”

“It has been the most challenging,” Kim continued. “There are nights that I fall asleep crying. Like, oh my gosh, this fucking tornado in my house. What has happened? You know, with all the moods and personalities and sometimes they’re fighting, and you know, there’s no one there. how is [just] me to play the good cop and the bad cop.”

Kim’s efforts aren’t always appreciated, and she proved it to fans when she posted a video that Saint shot for Mother’s Day. In it, she admitted: “Mom, I am so thankful for you. I know I’m very rude to you. I say you’re nothing to me,” before later adding, “I love you. Never forget that.”

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