Kim Kardashian North West Fame: Pressure on Daughter

kim kardashian has big plans for daughter North West, even though she’s only 9, an inside source tells you exclusively In contact.

“North is Kim’s firstborn. He’s always had hopes for her, but the pressure he puts on her, which may not be intentional, is real.” says the source, adding, “Kim really thinks she’s helping her daughter.”

While North has accompanied Kim and dad. Kanye West To fashion shows around the world and other high-profile events, the outgoing girl has big dreams of her own.

“North wants to be a big star, she says she wants to be bigger and more famous than her mom and dad. That’s an enormous amount of pressure for a young child,” the source continues.

Kim has shown that she has a lot of ambition to make North famous at such a young age. On May 12, the SKIMS founder shared a series of Instagram photos of the two dressed in nearly identical black leather outfits. “It’s North’s world, I’m just in it,” Kim wrote in the caption.

Some fans were surprised at how mature North looked in the snaps. “Are you 9 or 19?” asked one person, while another pleaded, “Don’t make it grow too soon.” One person told Kim: “She is only 9 years old. Why do you make it grow so fast?

“If Kim had her way, North would already have her own reality show, clothing line, and established brand,” the source explains about how the SKKN founder wants her daughter to have her own empire even though she’s still in business. Elementary school.

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“She’s not that far off though, it’s all part of the master plan. It’s all about being in the spotlight and staying relevant. That’s the Kardashian rule book: fame is the name of the game,” the source adds.

The aspiring lawyer certainly seems to be following the family trend. Kim’s Mom, kris jennerhe helped manage the careers of his five daughters, who have grown from reality stars to wealthy and successful businesswomen thanks to their mother’s savvy guidance.

He kardashians The star has already signed for North to get her own TikTok account, albeit shared with her mother, as the site’s rules set the minimum user age at 13, as of December 2021. While her daughter used to make goofy videos since her pink room, she has become much more mature. Since then.

North does hair and beauty TikToks and the The mother-daughter duo have starred in numerous videos together doing everything from dancing to showing off their vacations to jumping on the latest trends and challenges on the site. As of publication, they have 15.9 million followers.

Representatives for Kim Kardashian did not immediately respond to in contact comment request.

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