Kardashians-Jenners Messy Homes: Rare House Photos

He Kardashian Jenners They may live a more luxurious life than the average person, though they struggle to keep their homes organized just like everyone else.

In December 2022, Kylie Jenner gave fans a rare look at the messy state of his house by sharing a photo of blue paint splattered on the wall near the vanity while a purple puddle of watercolor paint nearly submerged on the tile floor via her Instagram Stories. A naked doll appeared to be bathing in the sink, which was filled with water stained with paint.

Along with the photo, the kardashians star explained that her daughter, stormHe was responsible for the mess.

While famous family members don’t always keep their homes in pristine condition, they often take pride in their homes.

In April 2019, kim kardashian I participate in Fashion“73 Questions” segment and gave the interviewer joe wise to tour of his California home. Throughout the interview, fans got an intimate look at the spacious abode, which follows a strict neutral-toned color scheme.

When asked how she would describe her home, the mother-of-four compared it to a “minimal monastery.” She added that the inspiration behind the decor and architecture came from her then-husband, Kanye West. In addition, the Belgian designer and antique dealer Axel Vervoort helped design the place.

According People, Kim and Kanye, who were married from 2014 until they were declared legally single in 2022, reportedly bought the house in December 2014 for $20 million. They renovated the property three years later, with kris jenner later revealing the property was worth $60 million in April 2018.

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Other family members who are proud of their homes are Kris and khloe kardashian, which happen to be neighbors. The founder of Good American currently lives in a beautiful hidden hills mansion which he bought for $17 million. Khloé made sure to turn the property into his dream home by building it from the ground up to his specifications.

“When it comes to decorating their homes, spare no expensesaid a source previously Lifestyle The Kardashian-Jenner family’s views on their homes. “Between filming their shows at home, entertaining and hosting house parties, and showcasing their spaces on Instagram, they make sure their homes are perfect every time.”

Keep scrolling to see the inside of the Kardashian-Jenners’ messiest homes.

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