Jon Gosselin Reflects on Ex Kate, Custody Battle End

A new beginning. jon gosselin reflected on the end of his battle for custody of his eight children with ex-wife, kate gosselin, while speaking exclusively to In Touch.

“The fact [that] we’re not in court anymore, it’s just one less thing on our plates,” says Jon, 46. “The Pennsylvania court system and my ex-wife now have nothing to do with my children successfully achieving their goals and overcoming 14 years of erroneous disputes in court.”

He jon and kate plus 8 alum adds: “This is a new life for everyone, and it feels great.”

Jon and Kate, 48, share twin daughters, Maddy and Expensiveas well as sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Aden, Joel, Leah and alexis.

After the former couple split in 2009, Kate lost custody of Collin to Jon in December 2018 after she failed to show up for a court hearing on the matter. Kate requested that the court date be postponed before the meeting. However, the request was denied and Jon was awarded custody of Collin. In August 2021, Hannah moved in with her father and her brother.

The rest of her children lived with Kate until they became legal adults. Mady and Cara turned 18 in October 2018, while the sextuplets celebrated their 18th birthday in May 2022.

Collin addressed the ups and downs of his relationship with Kate in November 2022. “I came to the conclusion that everyone has their own agenda, you know?” he he said entertainment tonight in a rare interview at the time. “My mom had her own agenda, and I don’t know exactly what she was. But they put me in a difficult situation and my agenda was to get out of that difficult situation.

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However, the father-son duo seems to be moving on. while he was talking to In contactJon also shares his exciting plans for his DJ career in the coming months.

“I am extremely honored and blessed to have a packed schedule to play this summer!” he says he, adding that he is “looking forward to playing for Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City, NJ at two of their venues: The Yard and Bally’s Beach Bar.”

Jon gives a “thank you to Near Dark Entertainment for the bookings” before continuing to talk about his career.

“I feel like I’ve worked really hard and given time to my music to allow for the opportunities that are presenting themselves now for my DJ career,” says the former TLC star. “And let the past be behind me and look towards a DJ career that I can now focus on, because my heart is in the right place and I finally have a wonderful support system with friends and family in my corner supporting my music career. ”

Jon Gosselin reflects on the end of the custody battle with the ex Kate over the children:

The recent interview isn’t the first time Jon has spoken openly about parenting as his kids get older. In February he spoke exclusively with In contact about watching Hannah and Collin grow up and starting to date.

He explained that it’s “different” to see Hannah with her boyfriend, Lennon, because “she didn’t hang out much in high school.”

Meanwhile, Jon added that he’s met “a couple” of Collin’s “acquaintances,” but doesn’t know much about his son’s love life because the teen “isn’t very open.”

“He keeps to himself,” the Gosselin patriarch said before adding: “Hannah is very open and we talk about things.”

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