Jeymi Uses Kris for Money, Mom Says

A mother’s intuition? 90 day fiance star Cris FosterHer mother hinted that she thinks Jaime Noguera he uses his daughter for money.

In a teaser clip for the episode on Sunday, April 23, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side shared by People, Kris, 40, and her mother opened up about their relationship with Jeymi, 31, as the newlyweds navigated their long-distance marriage. After they were married, Kris returned to the United States to work to send money to Jeymi in Colombia.

“I just don’t know about this marriage between two drama queens,” Kris’s mom said.

Kris agreed before adding, “I want to be there, but I want to be able to pay the bills, and she’s not going to be realistic about the financial side.”

After the Alabama native expressed concern that Jeymi didn’t want to contribute financially to her family, Kris’s mom wondered if that was the Columbia native’s plan all along.

“Like your mom, I have a lot of doubts about some things. She was working before, and when she got the most expensive apartment, she said that she would go to work so that you could pay for that,” she said. “So, Jeymi hasn’t worked since she got married, right?”

Kris explained that Jeymi was upset the last time she sent $1,000 “because it wasn’t enough to pay all the bills and her gym membership.” The TLC personality added: “She was going to sell my necklace that has my locket with my dad’s ashes on it.”

“You are a sugar mama,” the matriarch replied. “It’s really disturbing, because this could go on forever.”

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After Kris and Jeymi tied the knot during the April 2 episode, the mother-of-two returned to the United States for “two weeks” to get a prescription filled during the April 16 episode. However, she experienced unforeseen medical problems during the trip and decided to stay in her home state to work and save money.

90 Day Fiance Kris Foster's Mom Says Jeymi Noguera Treats Her Daughter Like A 'Sugar Mama'
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“It kills me because I don’t think you realize how bad this is for me,” Kris told Jeymi during a video call. “I don’t enjoy this at all. I want to be there as much as you want me there. But I have to work here because I can work here.”

While Kris explained that she felt responsible for providing for her family, viewers later saw the couple argue when Jeymi accused her of caring more about money than their relationship. Additionally, she complained that Kris did not make an effort to keep in touch while she was in the United States.

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