Jessa Duggar New Fixer Upper Home Photos: House Tour

They are all installed! Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) and Ben Seewald They have officially moved into their new upper house to fix and the family has come a long way since they started rebuilding the house in January 2022.

In August 2022, he Counting on former student, 29, shared a video on Youtube documenting his fof the family new three bedroom house as promised your followers to keep them updated throughout your journey.

“We’ve been living in our house for about two weeks and we love it,” Jessa said in the August 2022 video highlighting the first glimpse of the house and the week of her daughter Fern’s first birthday. “It’s great to have more space. We almost doubled the space, we had about 1,000 square feet, and this is about 1,800,” she continued.

“It feels like a mansion, honestly. It’s amazing,” she added.

During his first YouTube video of the then outdated houseJessa was still pregnant with baby No. 4 like her did a tour of the house as plans to demolish and rebuild the existing construction are outlined.

“The structures are great and he has good bones,” Jessa explained in the video. “We are putting a decent amount of our savings into this. but we think it will suit our needs for years to come, for what it’s worth.”

Ben and Jessa share two sons, Spurgeon and Henry, and two daughters, Ivy Jane and Fern Seewald, the latter of whom they welcomed in July 2021.

Previously, the family lived in a house not far from Jim Bob Duggar and michelle duggarThe Arkansas house. The property, which the couple moved into in 2014, was remodeled by some of their siblings while they were on their honeymoon. However, the couple knew that they would eventually have to move to a larger abode.

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But it seems that the family has a lot of work ahead of them. Luckily, Jessa’s brother jason duggar has been available to help.

“[The bedrooms] It really doesn’t need a lot of work. let’s tear down [the ceiling tile] and run it through the sheet and do some recessed lighting,” Jessa said in the video, adding that each bedroom has its own “pretty good size” closet.

The couple also plans to completely dismantle the existing bathroom, add more lighting throughout the house, and keep the original hardwood floors.

Possibly the biggest task the team is taking on was closing off the garage to build a custom-built master bedroom.

“Once we get all of this closed, it will be about 2,000 square feet, which will be almost double what we have now and it will be a huge blessing,” Jessa said. “Lots of living space great for our family.”

As always, there were snags when it came time to do the renovations, namely in terms of insulation. After tearing down the sheetrock to open up the house, the family realized there was no insulation underneath. While this is not uncommon in a home built before the 1960s, it means that the remaining sheetrock, which they planned to keep, had to be removed to install insulation to prevent drafts.

Keep scrolling for a tour of Jessa and Ben’s new home.

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