Jenelle Evans Granted Custody of Son Jace from Mom Barbara

At last. teen mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans awarded primary custody of son Jace after more than a decade at grandma Barbara Evanscareful

“My mom and I decided together to return full custody to me because we want to rebuild our relationship as mother and daughter,” said Jenelle, 31. us weekly on Saturday March 18. “Besides, my mother agrees that it’s time for Jace to go back to his brothers and live with a mother and father. She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy stuff’ and get ‘men to talk.’

She went on to say that Barbara “has seen the way that David is a parent” and recognizes that they are capable parents.

“She knows that we are capable of handling it. We want to get along for the sake of the children and, as I said before, rebuild our relationship as mother and daughter,” Jenelle added. “It’s a done deal!”

The new custody arrangement became official when the mother-daughter duo signed papers on Thursday, March 16. Just a few weeks earlier, the 16 and pregnant alum announced via Twitter that he had great news to share.

“I’m about to achieve the unthinkable and can’t wait to share the news with everyone,” he tweeted on February 21, leading some fans to believe the news had to do with Jace.

Later, Jenelle added fuel to the rumors when she responded to a Twitter troll who called her a “ratchet.”

“You should criticize someone who makes money having a child that their mom is STILL raising.” [sic]the comment read, referring to Barbara’s custody of Jace. “I can’t wait to share this week’s update on my case. [sic]the former MTV personality responded, adding an upside-down face emoji.

Just three days after the Read between lines The author hinted at her top “news,” reports began circulating that Barbara had agreed to hand over custody of Jace, prompting Jenelle to take to Twitter to clear the air.

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“I’m not talking about custody at all,” he tweeted with an eye-roll emoji on February 24. “That is not what I am announcing. Don’t listen to the media.”

Jenelle, who welcomed Jace in August 2009 with her ex-boyfriend andres lewis – transferred custody of her eldest son to her mother in 2010. Then still a teenager, the North Carolina native was deep into parties and making bad decisions.

In addition to Jace, Jenelle also shares son Kaiser with exes. nathan griffith and their daughter Ensley with her husband David Eison. She is also the stepmother to David’s children, Maryssa and Kaden, from previous relationships. The couple’s relationship has been rocky with Jenelle announcing in October 2019 that she had “moved away from David”. Despite rekindling her relationship, the former reality star vented about how her “narcissistic” husband ruined her 31st birthday in December 2022. She later turned it into a small argument, but eDoe-eyed fans noted that they unfollowed each other on Instagram in March 2023 before Jenelle deleted her Twitter profile.

Despite fixing their act and welcoming two more children, Barbara and Jenelle were in and out of court for more than a decade fighting for custody of Jace.

“I’m no longer restricted to when my mom says I can have my son,” Jenelle said. AND! News in 2017 after custody was changed and visitation hours were established. “At the moment that is all that matters to me. [I] I just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day, but today was not the day, sadly.”

However, two years later, CPS removed Jenelle and David’s children from the family home after David shot and killed the family’s French bulldog while the children were present in April 2019.

The mother of three was “crying with joy” after a judge dismissed the custody case on July 3, 2019.

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