Jen Edwards Out After Ryan Prison Sentence

taking it hard teen mom and alum Jen Edwards was seen for the first time since her son, ryan edwardshe was sentenced to one year in prison.

The former reality star, who shares Ryan, 35, with her husband. larry edwards – was seen with a serious look on her face as she left a liquor store with a brown paper bag tucked under her arm, in photos obtained by Sun and published on Wednesday, April 26.

Less than a week before her departure, Jen and her husband Larry attended Hamilton County Courthouse on April 20 when their only son was ordered to spend the next 11 months and 29 days behind bars after violating his probation.

He 16 and pregnant alum was arrested on February 10 after he violated estranged wife protection order mackenzie edwards (née Standifer). He was later released on bail but was arrested again on March 1, two days after Mack, 26, filed for divorce.

“This afternoon, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office personnel arrested Ryan Edwards on the following charges: stalking [and] Protection order violation,” a March 1 press release stated.

During his court appearance on March 14, Ryan pleaded guilty to harassment. Judge Starnes agreed to drop most of the charges stemming from the two arrests in exchange for the Tennessee native completing six months in rehab.

Additionally, Ryan was ordered to wear a GPS monitor, go to rehab, have no contact with the victim, and “complete HCP level 2 for 11 months and 29 days” unless undergoing treatment.

After Ryan was unable to complete his agreed rehab period and was arrested again on April 7 after returning to Chattanooga, his 11-month, 29-day sentence was reinstated. The MTV personality is serving his sentence at the Silverdale Detention Center and is due back in court on June 12 on charges stemming from his latest arrest.

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While showing their support for their son in court, Jen and Larry reportedly avoided contact with their future ex-daughter-in-law, according to Sun that he had a reporter in the courtroom.

The couple walked in and sat in the back of the courtroom looking “excited and upset,” the outlet reported at the time. Soon after, Mackenzie walked in alone and although she didn’t sit near her in-laws, her presence made the Edwardses leave the room.

“Jen was visibly crying,” they reported, noting that, following sentencing, the couple left first and did not interact with the mother of three.

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