Jen Boecher Slams Rishi Family, Engagement

Without holding back 90 day fiance star Jen Boecher she hit her fiancé rishi singh‘s family in a scathing post on social media.

“I know a lot of people think me and my friends were so rude for going to the family house,” Jen, 48, said on an Instagram account. video posted on Tuesday, May 2, which refers to the episode of April 30, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side.

During the episode, Jen and her friends told Rishi’s family that they were engaged after he put off sharing the news and introduced her as his friend.

While the TLC personality said she understood the backlash “to a degree,” she added that she doesn’t understand why viewers think she should have waited another “two months” to tell Rishi’s family the news. She then argued that she had “at least a year” to tell her family.

“Let me tell you this about family. And a lot of people might embarrass me for it,” Jen told her followers before listing the “criteria” Rishi’s family set for their future wife, including that she “shouldn’t be dark-skinned,” “shouldn’t be short,” and “she must be educated.

The reality star continued: “So all the people who think this family is so cool, they don’t want a dark-skinned daughter-in-law.”

Jen added that what “really broke [her] heart” was when Rishi’s uncle called his fiancé’s brother “useless” because he has an intellectual disability. “Sorry if you want Rishi to do the chores because your other nephew is ‘useless’, but honestly, how dare he?” he said while holding back tears. “To me, that’s not right.”

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She concluded the clip by encouraging her fans to reconsider their negative feelings about her visiting her family home unannounced. “There are things that, you know, haven’t come out,” Jen said. “Many people, if they knew, would think very differently.”

Jen went on to criticize Rishi’s family in the caption. “HOW DARE I? HOW DARE MY FRIENDS? Because I couldn’t care less if this family accepts me,” she wrote. “Rishi can decide how to navigate this, but I will NEVER stop being me and yelling nonsense and hypocrisy. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.”

After Jen posted the video, Rishi, 32, took to the comments section to express his regret for his and his family’s actions. “I am ashamed because you have tears in your eyes from me,” he wrote.

90 Day Fiance's Jen Boecher criticizes Rishi Singh's family for his 'Bulls–t': Watch video

The couple met and got engaged when Jen was on a solo trip to India. Following their engagement, she returned to the United States and they spent two years apart due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Sidefans have seen Rishi’s family encourage him to date other women while keeping his engagement a secret.

During the April 30 episode, Jen, her friend Randi, and Rishi They were joined by a translator as they met with their parents. The family found out about the engagement when Randi brought up her “pending engagement announcement.”

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