Janelle Brown Shuts Down Boyfriend Rumor

Independent woman. sister wives star janelle brown She shut down rumors that she has a new man in her life after fans believed they saw a mystery boyfriend in her recent Instagram photo.

“Is Janelle the new boyfriend in hiding?” a fan asked after Janelle, 54, shared a VR photo of herself on Wednesday, May 17, as she prepares the trailer for summer.

The reality star quickly cleared up the confusion, responding, “Haha, no, it’s Gabe. But my children and grandchildren are the true loves of my life.”

While Janelle, who shares children Gabe, 21, Garrison, Hunter, Logan, Savanah and Madison with ex kody brown – split from polygamous patriarch in December 2022, source said In contact in January that “she’s not thinking or wanting to date anyone right now.”

The source went on to say that the Plexus ambassador is “focusing on herself and her children” after ending her marriage to Kody, 54.

“Getting used to her new life hasn’t been difficult since Kody has barely been around for the past few years,” the source continued, adding that Janelle “isn’t focusing on anger or resentment towards Kody.”

The TLC personality previously revealed that Gabe has been helping her prepare the trailer for their next “adventure.”

“Stay tuned. I’ve actually put [the RV] in a seasonal slot this year,” Janelle shared via Instagram in April 2023. “And the adventure of managing the trailer as an independent woman will begin.”

Janelle had planned to spend the summer of 2022 living in her trailer home on the family’s Flagstaff, Arizona property, Coyote Pass, with her 18-year-old daughter Savanah. However, she later revealed that the plan didn’t work as Savanah “really wrestled” with the idea.

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“I didn’t go to the RV this summer,” Janelle said in response to a fan’s comment during an Instagram Live video. “She was a trooper last year, but she said, ‘Mom, this year, I just can’t. … We opted to keep it, she’s in the repair shop right now, but we’ll be using it on the weekends.”

Now, as Savanah nears her high school graduation, Janelle announced that “the trailer is ready for summer.”

“Yes, it took a few weeks. Part of that was finding the time to break away and drive there. Although once I hit the road, I’m ALWAYS glad I did,” she captioned her Wednesday post. “Some of it is the self-doubt that still plagues me and tells me that I’m crazy to get out of my routine and try something really out of my box.”

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