Isabel and Jacob Roloff’s Son Mateo Photos: Baby Album

Just previews! Former Little people, big world star jacob roloff welcomed their first child with his wife, isabel rock, in early December 2021. While the new parents are delighted with their bundle of joy, they are keeping a promise they made to each other before baby Mateo arrived.

the new parents won’t share photos of your child’s face on social networks out of respect for their privacy.

Jacob and Elizabeth announced that they were expecting a baby on July 20, 2021, but the former reality TV star was quick to inform followers of her Instagram account that they shouldn’t expect to see photos of her son.

“[Yes,] this is my beautiful wife. [Yes,] I’m excited to be with her again. [Yes,] I can’t wait to meet my son. [Yes,] I look forward to the rest of my life. [with my family]Jacob wrote on Instagram on September 12along with a photo of the couple holding Isabel’s tummy.

The TLC personality added in the comments section, “Thank you.[,] thanks for the friendly comments[,] however, none of you (online) will ever ‘see’ my son. [It] It is not specifically personal,” Isabel responded to the comment with a heart emoji.

In April 2023, Isabel opened up about being “forever” grateful for Jacob and her decision to keep her son’s identity private.

“One thing I am incredibly grateful for throughout all of this is how Jacob has guided our family in protecting Mateo,” she shared through her Instagram story. “By not sharing him or a lot of how we raised him/her, people can’t really comment on him or our upbringing. That would be the most painful, but they can’t say anything about it because we don’t share.”

Jacob first appeared in Little people, big world in 2006, when I was 9 years old. She stayed on the show for 10 years until his departure in 2016. In December 2020Jacob opened up about being a survivor of child sexual abuse and accused one of the show’s executive field producers of sexual abuse.

The couple, who tied the knot in September 2019, knew they wanted to keep their son out of the public eye even before they had children.

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On December 17, 2021, Isabel answered a series of questions on her Instagram Stories submitted by her followers, including what she and Jacob planned to share publicly.

“You seem hesitant to share any information about the baby and its birth,” wrote one follower. “Is there a reason why?”

“We knew before we had [Mateo] that we wanted to protect your privacy online. The way it looks was always going to change, because until you’re inside you don’t know how you’re going to feel, what you’re going to feel comfortable sharing when [the] the baby is really here,” Isabel replied.

“Ultimately, Jacob said from the beginning that we would share very little about our children and I agreed. So now we’re navigating that every day, consulting with each other about comfort and what we choose to share,” he added. “As for the birth, I’ll probably share it eventually, but it will focus on me and my experience, of course, and less on [the] baby.”

after sharing photos of your baby showerthrown by Jacob’s mother, Amy Roloffat Elizabeth’s house instagram On September 30, 2021, the photographer also answered a follower’s question about baby photos.

“[Do] Think you’ll have a hard time keeping girls off social media? asked the Instagram user. “[It’s so] It’s hard not to want to brag about our little ones.”

“[No,] I don’t think so, because it is something that we are very passionate about, ”replied Isabel. “And who knows, maybe a few of those here and there, but never his face. You deserve your privacy.”

While the couple were true to their word regarding Mateo’s privacy, they did share some photos of their little one.

In March 2022, Isabel shared a sweet photo of the mother-son pair, revealing that Mateo was “going through a pretty significant developmental leap.”

“From what I was reading, this is where you really start to become aware of your surroundings,” he added. “This means that he can be more nervous in unfamiliar places, just like anyone else. And, of course, it means trusting my guide to assure him that he is safe.”

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