Is Robyn Brown Relaunching ‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’?

‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’ started out as a wives fling mary brown, janelle brown, christina brown, robin brown and her then husband, the polygamous patriarch, kody brown. After Meri, Janelle and Christine’s split with the Wyoming native, Robyn is apparently the last wife standing. Will she relaunch her infamous family business after her retirement in 2018? Find out everything we know about the ‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’ relaunch.

What is ‘My Sister’s Wife’s Closet’?

‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’ began as an online clothing and jewelry line.

“We have always had a dream to develop and design quality American-made products that the everyday woman would wear and treasure,” the website states. “But add our own personal touch as we promote femininity, strength and family.”

The Brown family did not agree to the business

However, upon its creation, family members discussed whether or not the endeavor was going to succeed, with Robyn one of the main driving forces behind the online boutique.

Is Robyn Brown revamping my sister and wife's closet?

“We’re going to take on these gigantic mortgages and I’m losing sleep over, ‘How the hell are we going to do this?’” Janelle told the group during a Season 6 episode, which premiered in July 2013. Meanwhile, Robyn He replied, “I’m losing sleep too, but the only way we’re going to make this work, and actually be able to cover these mortgages, is if we really put some energy into the businesses that we have.”

The series also documented the family as they struggled to sell their jewelry and even faced backlash for their lifestyle.

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“People may not buy our jewelry just because we are polygamous,” Christine added in another scene. “And this has to work. This has to be a great source of income.”

Is ‘My Sister Wives’ Closet’ still in business?

Unfortunately, the effort didn’t work out for the Browns as In contact can confirm that the company dissolved in November 2018. The blog, which was largely written by Robyn, has also not been updated since January 2019.

Kody and Christine’s son, paedon brownhe shared more information about the boutique years later, in January 2023, as he was surprised the website was still up.

“My sister wife’s closet is not what it was supposed to be,” he said in a revealing interview with John Yates. “She put effort into it. She definitely tried, I’m not going to deny it, but she didn’t get anywhere.”

Is Robyn Brown re-releasing ‘My Sister and Wife’s Closet’?

In contact can confirm that ‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’ is dissolved and no new LLC’s have been issued.

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