Is Prince Harry the Son of King Charles? Relationship Explained

prince harry He’s earned a reputation as the free-spirited member of the royal family, but how does he relate to royalty? Keep scrolling to find out if Harry is the son of King Charles, learn about their relationship, and more.

Is Prince Harry the son of King Charles?

Harry is the second son of king charles and Princess Diana.

After the couple married in 1981, they welcomed their first child, son prince williamin 1982. Their family continued to grow when Diana gave birth to Harry in 1984.

Charles and Diana had a tumultuous marriage, eventually divorcing in 1996.

Do Prince Harry and King Charles get along?

While it’s no secret that Harry has a strained relationship with his brother, the Duke of Sussex has also been open about his issues with Charles in the past.

In his 2023 memoirs, ReplacementHarry remembered a joke Charles made about not being his real father. He made the comment amid rumors that Diana’s ex-lover Major james hewitt he was Harry’s biological father.

“’Who knows if I’m even your real father? Perhaps your real father is in Broadmoor, dear boy!’” he wrote in his memoirs. “He laughed and laughed, even though it was a very unfunny joke.”

Also in the book, Harry claimed that Charles said there was “not enough money to go around” to support himself and his wife. Meghan Markleas they considered relinquishing their royal duties.

“Dad did not financially support Willy, me and our families out of generosity,” the father of two wrote. “That was his job. That was the whole thing. We agreed to serve the monarch, go where we were sent, do as we were told, give up our autonomy, keep our hands and feet inside the golden cage at all times, and in return the cage keepers agreed to feed and clothe us. .”

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Harry noted that his father briefly supported the couple with private funds when they left their royal duties in 2020, though he said their conflict was never over money.

“Pa might have feared the rising cost of supporting us, but what he really couldn’t bear was someone new dominating the monarchy, grabbing the spotlight, someone shiny new coming in and outshining him,” the former military pilot said. “He had lived that before and he had no interest in living it again.”

Is Prince Harry the son of King Charles?  Explaining the Duke of Sussex's relationship with the royal family
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Will Prince Harry become King?

while harry is the son of the King of England, it is likely that he will never assume the title. According the line of succession determined by Buckingham Palace, William is next in line to the throne because he is the eldest son of Carlos and Diana.

After William’s reign, his children with his wife, princess kate, will be next in line. His eldest son, Prince George, will be the next king, while princess charlotte and Prince Louis follows him in the line of succession.

Harry will only be eligible to become king after his nephews and niece, so he will probably never take the throne.

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