Is Melissa Gorga Quitting Amid Teresa Drama?

Walking away from the franchise? Melissa Gorga intervened in the rumors that he is leaving the Real Housewives of New Jersey in the midst of her ongoing feud with her sister-in-law judge theresa.

“I have no intention of leaving. I never run away when the going gets tough, that’s not my personality,” the Bravo star shared during a May 2023 episode of her “On Display With Melissa Gorga” podcast. “Our family has been through ups and downs for so many years on this show. I have never left before and I have no intention of leaving now.”

Read on for details on Melissa RHONJ future.

Is Melissa Gorga leaving ‘RHONJ’?

While no casting announcements have been made yet for season 14, the New Jersey native made it clear that she has no plans to step away from the franchise.

Why are ‘RHONJ’ stars Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice fighting?

Melissa and her sister-in-law Teresa have been at odds for years. However, things came to a head while filming season 13 throughout 2022, especially after Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorgadecided to skip Teresa’s wedding to Luis Ruelas in August of that year.

Is RHONJ's Melissa Gorga leaving the show amid the Teresa Giudice drama?
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“I found out a few days before my wedding that they were not coming. I’m totally on board with that,” Teresa told listeners of the “Namaste B&tches” podcast in August 2022. “You’ll see it on TV. … The way everything played out with my wedding, everything that happened is the way it was supposed to be. I’m all about it. I’m all about good energy, and whoever wanted to be at my wedding was there.”

Did ‘RHONJ’ star Melissa Gorga cheat on her husband Joe?

Part of the reason Melissa and Joe decided to skip the wedding was because Teresa apparently spread rumors that the “On Display” singer was cheating on her marriage, which the couple have vehemently denied.

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“There are a lot of rumors going around about me, and you know what? We keep hitting ’em, swatting ’em like flies, [and] They just keep coming,” Melissa shared with us weekly in August 2022, apparently referring to the cheating allegations. Joe added: “It’s been hard.”

Where are Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice now?

The sisters-in-law have not yet reconciled. Melissa called the ongoing dispute a “sad situation” during an interview with AND! News in December 2022.

“It’s annoying that there’s so much tit-for-tat,” added the boutique owner. “It’s starting to look like people are using things as ways to win over an audience. When I don’t, I don’t like it. I don’t respect him that much.”

Months later, it seemed that things were still not calming down between them. bravo boss Andy Cohen claimed in April 2023 that while filming the RHONJ Season 13 reunion, things between Melissa and Teresa got so bad that she “almost walked off” the set.

“I have to tell you the level, I won’t even say vitriol, I’ll say hate, between Teresa and Melissa,” he revealed on SiriusXM. andy cohen live At the time. “The gloves are off. I have never seen anything like it. And the way the two of them went back and forth was that neither wanted the other to have the last word in any petty fight.”

In a teaser clip shared the following month, Teresa’s daughter ya judge he claimed that his relationship with Melissa and Joe was “over”.

“It’s over, for everyone, including me and my sisters,” Gia said in footage filmed during Teresa and Luis’s wedding in August 2022.

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