Is Jacob Roloff Getting the Farm? Matt Hints

Following the past drama surrounding Roloff Farms, Little people, big world alum jacob roloff responded to a fan’s question about his father’s property matt roloffproperty of .

Jacob, 26, shared a photo via Instagram on Thursday, March 30, of himself working inside what appeared to be a greenhouse. The former reality star was then asked by a fan: “Is this on your father’s farm or on property you own separately?”

“I am not a property owner and have no prospect of becoming one,” Jacob replied.

Earlier, Matt, 61, hinted that his youngest son would likely be the only one of his four adult children to inherit the property. In May 2022, Matt took to Instagram tor share more details about the so he decided to put a part of Roloff Farms up for sale. In the comments, fans expressed disappointment that the land would not pass to one or a few of Roloff’s sons so they could take over the family business.

“I was hoping that Jacob would accept it. He seems to be the only one who doesn’t let the wives decide for them,” one fan commented.

Matt responded cryptically: “:))))) You never know.”

LPBW Star Matt Roloff Reveals Roloff Farms Is 'For Sale', Says Property Selling Is 'Scary'
Courtesy of Matt Roloff/Instagram

In the same comment thread, fans discussed whether Jacob was mySufficient maturity to assume the responsibility of running the family business. “He is also the least independent of the group. First he would need to get a real job and make a decent living for his family,” one fan commented. “He still lives off of his parents.”

“He is an employee of Roloff Farms, has his own home and supports his family. I’m not sure where he gets his information from, but it’s best to work with fact when he’s commenting on something he knows nothing about. [thumbs up emoji]”, reads a comment posted by the official Roloff Farms Instagram account.

The Instagram user responded to the comment, suggesting that it was posted via the official Roloff Farms Instagram account by Jacob’s wife. isabel rock. After several comments, Jacob himself entered the chat.

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“You can’t hear it, but I’m singing ‘Obsessed’ for Mariah Carey Right now,” he responded, clapping. “And consider this as a reminder to call 911 or have a caregiver take you to the ER for your terminal bird brain diagnosis.”

As In contact previously reported, Matt announced that he placed 16 of the 109 acres of Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon, on sale May 12. He the land was listed for $4 million, which the family refers to as the “north side” of the farm. On that section of the property are several major landmarks that fans will recognize from the family’s TLC series, Little people, big world: The Roloff family’s old country house, a red barn, a wooden pirate ship that Matt built for his children to play in, a complete western town (including a jail, bank, sheriff’s office, store general, a hotel and a smithy) and a medieval castle, also known as “Molly’s Castle”, while Matt was building the structure for his only daughter.

However, In contact confirmed that Matt has decided to remove the listing for sale and convert the property to a short-term rental at the end of 2022.

Throughout more than 20 seasons of the reality show, Matt and his now ex-wife, Amy Roloffexpressed his dreams of passing the farm on to his four children — 32-year-old twins Zach Roloff and jeremy roloff29 year old daughter Molly Roloff and Jacob, one day so they can take over the family business.

jacob roloff clap farm

Earlier, Jeremy tried to make an offer to buy the north side of the farm, but was turned down. During season 22, Zach and Matt began negotiations for the north side of the farm, but Matt turned down their offer as well.

Just days after Matt announced the sale of the north side of the farm, Jacob took to Instagram to share photos taken with his father as they toured the castle on the property. He captioned the father and son shots: “He may have some weird political beliefs, but at least his creativity with the farm still shows!”

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