Inside Melissa Gorga, Gia Giudice Social Media Feud

Not all love. Melissa GorgaThe dispute of social networks with his niece ya judge has escalated, with one source saying exclusively In contact that he Real Housewives of New Jersey star possibly has an ulterior motive for the drama.

“Melissa and José [Gorga] they’re just desperately trying to stir up any drama so they can stay Bravo,” says a source In contact about Melissa, 44, and her husband, 44. “For a woman over 40, starting fights with little girls on social media screams desperation and meanness.”

Meanwhile, an additional source close to the production says In contact that “no casting decisions have been made for the upcoming season”, although the ongoing drama between Grogas and Giudices has become a staple on the Bravo show throughout the seasons.

Gia, 22, addressed the drama while appearing on her mother’s Wednesday, May 3 episode. judge theresathe podcast of “Namaste bitches.”

“She blocked me from my public account, my private account, and my clothing line account,” Gia said of Melissa.

The reality star went on to call the situation “weird” before revealing how she found out her aunt blocked her social media accounts. “One day, I guess, someone told me that she had posted something about me, so I went looking and said, ‘I’m blocked from everything,’ so I’m blocked from everything related to her,” Gia recalled. .

She shared that Melissa blocked her in the middle of the family drama between Melissa, Joe and Teresa, 50. While family members’ issues have become a staple on the reality show, their feud reached a new level during the ongoing season 13.

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Teresa has been involved in spreading rumors that Melissa cheated on Joe. As speculation about the affair continued, Teresa and Melissa’s drama continued to worsen when the longtime couple RHONJ The star excluded her sister-in-law from her wedding procession. After the snub, Joe and Melissa finally skipped Teresa’s wedding to Luis Ruelas‘ in August 2022.

“Joe and Melissa made a last minute decision not to attend Teresa’s wedding after a huge fight,” a source said. us weekly after the wedding ceremony.

Melissa Gorga's social media fight with Gia Giudice intensifies: 'Scream despair /
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The source added that “Teresa may not forgive Joe after this and vice versa.” They also shared that the mother-of-four has continued to “attack Melissa, and Joe doesn’t stand for it anymore.”

While the wedding episode has yet to air, fans have been given a sneak peek at the drama with teaser clips.

“How can I celebrate someone else’s marriage when they are constantly trying to destroy mine?” Melissa asked during the RHONJ Mid-Season 13 Trailer Meanwhile, Teresa was seen crying when asked if Joe would attend the wedding.

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