Indio Downey Releases Life-Affirming Music Video for ‘September’

indian downey has always had something to say. His grunge-inspired alternative rock touches on themes of self-doubt, feeling lonely and toxic relationships, all identifiable themes to any listener. With earlier tracks like “Headspace” and “Runaway,” Downey told the world what he had in mind. With “September” and its accompanying music video, Downey finds the drive and motivation to keep moving forward in a world that, in his own words, is “going crazy.”

“September”, co-written by Indio’s father, Robert Downey Jr.and produced by shaman mark, showcases Indio’s lyrical and vocal abilities on a level we haven’t seen yet. On “September,” the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is open and vulnerable about dealing with a spiral of negative thoughts, feeling aimless and wanting to know if his whole life is a waste. However, by the end of the track, it’s clear that’s not the case.

“September” is now available on all streaming platforms. The music video, directed by Turkey with cinematography and editing Aidan Tannerreleased on February 27.

Who is Indio Downey? The man and his band

Downey has been playing the guitar and writing songs since he was 12 years old. Inspired by Nirvana and classic rock from an early age, Indio eventually joined forces with the drummer. jackson morris and bassist Christopher Mudgett to form a hard-hitting three-piece band for Downey’s solo music.

Following in the footsteps of iconic trios (Nirvana immediately thinks back), the trio have crafted a sound that blends grunge, alt-rock, and West Coast indie to create something completely unique.

Indio Downey’s lifelong passion for music has led him to become one of the leading voices of the new alternative rock movement. He became known for his introspective lyrics and serious guitar skills, which he developed through years of practice.

The combination of Downey’s skills and those of his bandmates has gotten the band’s music added to countless Spotify playlists and set them on a path to stardom. We’re already looking forward to what’s next for Indio, which has already earned over 60,000 instagram followers and thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Indio Downey Releases Life-Affirming Music Video For 'September'
indian downey

Indio Downey’s “September”: What to know about the song

“September” is something like a melancholic hymn. The song’s opening lyrics paint a picture of a version of Downey that doesn’t make him happy. He sings about how he’s not going anywhere, except potentially toward disaster. It’s a sentiment anyone who hears it can instantly relate to, and that’s just part of the power of Indio’s music; connects instantly.

Downey continues to sing with exceptional vulnerability about how he feels like a failure, like he’s “heading over the rail.” He expresses his dissatisfaction when he looks at himself in the mirror. However, he shows a touch of optimism knowing that September is approaching, the month that marks another year for the singer.

For the listener, Downey’s lyrics leave plenty of room for personal interpretation. Sometimes turning another year means a fresh start and a chance to turn the page. For Downey, September represents some form of redemption, but he makes the artistic decision to leave the details ambiguous.

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The musical video

Released on February 27, the music video for “September” adds a new dimension to the song and makes its themes even more resonant for the listener. Through creative filming and editing techniques, the video tells the story of the Indian of the past and the Indian of the future.

With the band playing themselves, the video shows the life of a version of Indio who can barely get out of bed, is dependent on pills and doesn’t know where he’s going in life. Throughout the narrative, it becomes clear that music is the key to breaking free from the life Indio feels trapped in, a truth that is revealed to the audience through a series of witty images.

In one of the defining moments of the video, Downey opens the blinds on his apartment window, leans out, and sees himself onstage with his band. Meanwhile, stereos start to appear everywhere: there are guitar picks in Downey’s cereal, drumsticks in the cutlery drawer, and a microphone waiting for him when he comes out of the bathroom.

All of these amazing images illustrate Downey’s inability to escape music and how the urge to make music never seems to leave him, even when he’s at his lowest points.

The video, which is expertly directed by Riley Tacchino and features editing and cinematography by Aidan Tanner, meets Indio as a completely different person. He seems determined, he’s flushed his pills down the toilet and, perhaps most importantly, he’s on stage with the band playing. The music video reads like a love letter to music and its never-ending impact on Indio’s life.

Whats Next?

Indio has made it clear that “September” is far from the only song he plans to release in 2023. Downey has hinted that he’ll drop an album later this year, giving us confidence that we can expect several more singles as well.

With “September”, we got a glimpse of another side of Indio’s sound, which we hope to hear more of on future tracks. It’s a nostalgic mix of the ’90s, Y2K, and today, giving every listener something to appreciate.

Ultimately though, what makes Indio’s music so compelling is the man himself. He exudes an air of mysterious charisma, telling stories with his songs that make us want to continue listening to them. With a tight band and stunning visuals, Downey clearly has a bright future ahead of him.

In addition to “September,” you can find Downey’s previous singles “Runaway” and “Headspace” on all streaming platforms. Each of these tracks showcases a different aspect of the singer-songwriter’s dynamic musical style, and we’re excited to see him add more music to his catalog this year.

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