How ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Makes Money

Fans were first introduced to ryan edwards when she made her reality debut during the 16 and pregnant series premiered in 2009. Since then, she has made headlines for her difficult relationships and legal problems. Keep scrolling to find out Ryan’s net worth, how he makes money, and more.

What is the net worth of ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Ryan Edwards?

Ryan has an estimated net worth of $500K, according to various outlets.

How does ‘Teen Mom’ alum Ryan Edwards make money?

The MTV personality has held various jobs over the years, including working as a professional lineman and as a diesel mechanic.

How long did ‘Teen Mom’ alum Ryan Edwards appear on MTV?

After making his reality show debut alongside his then-girlfriend, book MaciWhile expecting their son, Bentley, the couple continued their reality TV careers by appearing on Teenage mother in 2009.

The couple split in 2010, though they both continued to appear on the show while raising Bentley.

In March 2021, Ryan, his now-estranged wife, mackenzie edwardsand his parents Jen and larry edwardswere fired from the show. The family was abandoned by the network after Jen and larry got into a heated fight with Maci and her husband, taylor mckinney, about Bentley’s visits during the season 9 reunion.

How many children does ‘Teen Mom’ alum Ryan Edwards have?

In addition to Bentley, Ryan shares his son Jagger and daughter Stella with Mackenzie.

Are ‘Teen Mom’ alums Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards still together?

Ryan and Mackenzie met in May 2016 and got engaged eight months later in December 2018.

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The couple tied the knot in May 2017, though they went through several ups and downs before Mackenzie filed for divorce in February 2023.

The influencer filed paperwork and a restraining order against her ex two weeks after Ryan received a protective order from the Hamilton County Sheriff. In contact confirmed at the time that he was required to immediately vacate a residence located near Harrison Bay State Park. After the incident, Ryan took to social media to publicly shame Mackenzie for “[sleeping] with whatever I look at [her].”

Find out 'Teen Mom' alum Ryan Edwards' net worth and how he makes money amid his legal woes

Does ‘Teen Mom’ alum Ryan Edwards have a criminal record?

Ryan has been arrested multiple times over the years. The television personality, who fans have seen battling addiction, was first arrested on heroin possession charges in March 2017. The charge has since been dropped.

He went on to have a series of drug-related arrests and served time behind bars.

In April 2023, Ryan was sentenced to nearly a year in prison after pleading guilty to harassment charges against Mackenzie, according to court records seen by In Touch. With good behavior, the father-of-three can possibly be granted early release and placed in halfway house or under house arrest.

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