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Making bank! The stars of the hit TLC show extreme sisters each have impressive net worths and are sure to grow their bank accounts thanks to season 2, which premiered in January 2023. Keep scrolling to find out how much money they make, their salaries, and more.

‘Extreme Sisters’ Net Worth Christina and Jessica

youwin sisters christina manning and jessica dunagan each have a net worth of $400,000, according to multiple reports. They are said to receive between $10,000 and $30,000 per episode of extreme sisters.

‘Extreme Sisters’ Anna and Lucy’s Net Worth

Ana and lucy decinque, who describe themselves as the “world’s most identical twins,” have a reported net worth of $1 to $5 million. Like Christina and Jessica, Anna and Lucy are also paid to appear on the show and do anywhere within the aforementioned group, according to multiple reports.

How do Christina and Jessica from Extreme Sisters make money?

In addition to her roles in TLC Seasons 1 and 2 extreme sisters, both Christina and Jessica work as intuitive life coaches. Christina often takes to social media to promote her work as a coach, teasing her followers with the opportunity to sit down with her during an “intention circle” as part of Girl’s Night Live.

“Each participant will join the center of the circle and we will spend time releasing energy toward their intention,” Christina wrote of the October 2022 event. extreme sisters Star also does tarot card readings for $35 each, and regularly hosts workshops for those interested.

In addition, Christina offers 15, 30, and 60 minute Zoom sessions for clients interested in working with her as an “Intuitive Innovative Trainer.” She charges $135, $250, and $480 respectively for sessions. Fans can also pay you for Cameo messages, which start at $8 and go as high as $210.

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As for Jessica, she works with clients to help them “connect” with their “future” through her professional website. He charges $135 for a 15-minute Zoom session, $225 for a 30-minute Zoom session, and $400 for a 60-minute Zoom session. Like her sister, Jessica also uses Cameo and charges fans between $5 and $210 for personalized videos. Together, the sisters wrote a cookbook that can be purchased at Barnes & Nobles titled, Load your food, change your life. The reiki cookbook is around $40.

How do Anna and Lucy from Extreme Sisters make money?

In addition to his TLC paycheck for each episode of extreme sistersThe twins Anna and Lucy know social networks well. Not only do they share beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips with their 108,000 YouTube followers, but they take advantage of their always-matching outfits by selling their clothes on retail site Depop. Like other TLC stars, Anna and Lucy also use Cameo and charge between $10 and $200 for personal messages.

Are the extreme sisters Anna, Lucy still together with Ben?
Courtesy of Anna and Lucy DeCinque/Instagram

Anna and Lucy share everything, including the boyfriend ben byrnes, who works as an electrical mechanic. Although he is a twin himself, Anna and Lucy have made it clear that dating different men is not an option.

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