How Many Grandkids Do the Duggars Have? See Who’s Pregnant

At this rate, we’ll never finish counting! jim bob and michelle duggar they have 19 children, and now that their older children are starting to marry and have families of their own, they officially have more grandchildren than children.

“It really is hard to believe that this is the 20th of our grandchildren,” michelle voiced in Counting on after Joseph and Kendra Dugar welcomed their third child togethera daughter named brooklyn in February 2021. “Now, our grandchildren outnumber our 19 biological children. It’s crazy.” As of now, the couple have 26 “grand-Duggars.”

Recently, the duggars went through a bit of a baby boom. In 2019, Jessa and Ben Seewaldjoe and kendra, Josiah and lauren duggar and José and ann duggar welcomed the new additions to his family. When 2020 comes around, Juan David and abbie duggar welcomed her little baby. Then, in March and May respectively, joy anna and austin forsyth and ginger and Jeremy Vuolo revealed that they had rainbow babies on the way. Just three months later, Joe and Kendra announced that they were expecting baby No. 3. Then, in April 2021, Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting baby no 7.

It’s clear that this family tree won’t stop growing any time soon, although one of the married couples hinted that they might have stopped having children. In October 2019, Jill Dillard shared an exhausted video with fans where she recounted a tough day of chasing “just two kids.” Speaking directly to her followers, she said: “This is me frustrated… [My son] He’s yelling at me because he wants a game. I just told them to lie down or go outside until mom calms down and handles this situation.”

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Although Jill seemed to have things under control as the day progressed (a visit to a neighbor’s dog and a trip to the pool went a long way in helping the boys release their energy), the tirade may have hinted that she did not do it. she plans to have more children. However, the former reality star and her husband, Derick Dillardhe went on to welcome his third child in July 2022.

While the family already has 26 grandchildren, they are still growing as Joy-Anna is pregnant with her third child.

In the past, the Counting on The patriarch has gone so far as to say that he hopes one day he will have 200 grandchildren to call his own. If all the brothers keep up, they’ll be there in no time. Keep scrolling to learn all about the Duggar grandkids below.

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