House Isn’t Always ‘Clean’ After Backlash

To be honest. Little people, big world alum Audrey Roloff admitted her house isn’t always “clean” after fans criticized her for having a messy house.

“I don’t keep the house clean,” Audrey, 31, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Monday, May 15, when a fan asked her how she balances cleaning, childcare and meal prep. “We do our best, but I’ve really come to accept that always-clean house isn’t the most important thing.”

The former TLC personality added that he “can’t do it all” and prioritizes “making home-cooked meals (which [creates] a lot of mess, especially when it involves my kids), playing with my kids, working, exercising, spending time with my husband, spending time with my family and friends, reading, and being outside instead of cleaning my house all day.”

Audrey concluded the message by mocking his disorganized habits, writing, “You’ve seen my piles of clothes.”

The influencer, who shares her daughter Ember5 and children Presage2 and Radley18 months, with her husband, jeremy roloff – opened up about cleaning up her house after fans criticized her for keeping the property messy in July 2022.

Audrey began to receive negative comments after sharing several moments from a housewarming party that she organized days before. After the party, many fans couldn’t get past her home status.

“Not a trial at all, but I just don’t know how that happens,” one social media user wrote to Audrey in response to photos of the family’s home. “I raised [three] children too and was a housewife. My house never looked like this.”

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The former reality star posted a screenshot of the message to her Instagram Stories and added a sarcastic clapping GIF over the comment.

He went on to share more messages he received from his fans about his house. “That never happened to me. I had babysitters. I couldn’t live that way,” another person wrote. The mother-of-three responded by adding a GIF that read: “Great for you!”

LPBW's Audrey Roloff admits her house isn't always 'clean' after being criticized for her messy house
Courtesy of Audrey Roloff/Instagram

After posting the critical messages, Audrey made the most of the situation by sharing a photo via her Instagram Stories that showed a laundry pile with various items falling out of the laundry basket onto a bed.

“I’m just here to make you feel better about your life,” he captioned the snapshot with a peace sign emoji.

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