Heather Rae Young Claps Back at Claims Over Baby’s Jet Trip

not have it Heather Rae El Moussa (née Young) has apparently applauded online trolls for criticizing her social media post about her baby Tristan’s first private jet trip.

“Protecting our energy,” the new mom, 35, wrote in a snapshot via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, May 3, with a selfie of her holding the 3-month-old baby.

Two days before, the sunset sale the star shared a lengthy post detailing her and her husband Tarek El MoussaThe adventure of taking your “little traveling boy” on his first plane ride. Tristan is Tarek, 41, and Heather’s first child together, while the real estate investor also shares his daughter Taylor and his son Brayden with his ex-wife. cristina room.

“I took Tristan on his first flight with Tay and Bray so they could be with us at The Flipping Summit and see us in our element,” the reality star wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, May 2. “Tristan did an amazing job. , and a tip from mom: I nursed him while he went up and then again when he went down to help with ear plugging. It worked perfectly, and then the rest of the flight, he just laughed and played and looked around and was so happy. [and] she didn’t cry once…she loved the new environment. She also slept longer than ever in the hotel, and it was great because between talks or between events, I would rush back to breastfeed her. He was an angel.”

Selling Sunset's Heather Rae Young Responds To Claims She Was 'Showing Off' To Tristan On A Private Jet
Courtesy of Heather Rae Young/Instagram

Although it was a “proud mom moment” for Heather, many of her Instagram followers weren’t appreciative of the post, calling her out for living a more privileged lifestyle than most moms.

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“Try to fly like normal people, where you have to arrive at the airport two hours in advance, park, go [through] safety etc,” one person commented, adding: “I’m lucky you don’t have to deal with all the things 98 percent of us have to deal with.”

A few others even claimed that the Netflix personality bragged about living a more luxurious lifestyle, with a separate comment writing: “The life of the two percent. It is best to keep this experience to yourself. Bragging about your flight is not cool.

“Not all moms have the luxury of a private plane, but good for you and your ‘advice,'” chimed in a third social media user.

Shortly after critics raved about his article, Tarek appeared to have noticed the backlash against his wife, as he took to the comments section to respond to a commenter defending Heather.

“A plane is a plane, flying is flying, she breastfed him before and after, and that helped, nothing like being on a private jet,” the Instagram user wrote, to which the flip or flop alum responded with a clapping emoji.

Tarek and Heather welcomed Tristan on January 31. The real estate agent announced the exciting news that day via Instagram, writing that she and Tarek have “hearts [were] so happy.”

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