Hayden Panettiere 1st Interview After Brother’s Death: Quotes

Always with her. Hayden Panettiere emotional while taking part in her first television interview since the death of his brother, at the age of 28.

While appearing on the Monday, March 5, episode of Good morning america promote scream VIHayden, 33, made a brief comment on his brother’s passing after Michael Strahan expressed his condolences.

“He is here with me,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Jansen was found dead inside his New York City residence on February 19.

“Orangetown Police responded to 41 N. Broadway in Nyack on February 19, 2023 at 5:03 pm,” police said. In contact in a statement on February 20. “Our detectives are currently continuing an investigation based on that response, and we are unable to provide any further information at this time.”

Jansen was already dead on the living room floor when authorities arrived on the scene, according to the initial Orangetown Police Department report obtained by In contact. A friend found her body when he became concerned that Jansen would not show up for their planned meeting. The friend performed CPR in an attempt to revive the artist, though EMTs pronounced Jansen dead at 5:11 p.m.

While no crime was suspected at the time of her passing, Jansen’s cause of death was not revealed until a week later. On February 27, the Panettiere family explained that Jansen died of an enlarged heart.

“Though it offers little comfort, the medical examiner reported that Jansen’s sudden passing was due to cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), along with aortic valve complications,” his family said in a statement to ABC News.

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The statement continued: “His charisma, warmth, compassion for others, and creative spirit will forever live in our hearts and the hearts of everyone he met.”

Hayden Panettiere cries during first interview after brother Jansen's sudden death: 'He's here'

In addition to working as an artist in his adulthood, Jansen started out as a child actor just like his older sister. According to his Twitter bio, Jansen described himself as an “artist, actor, writer, director, producer, entrepreneur, environmental activist, and creative mind.”

He Nashville alum has a close relationship with her late brother. According to her employment history, Jansen was working for Hayden at the time of her death.

He perfect game The actor posted his last photo with Hayden via Instagram on January 24, 2023, which showed the brothers smiling as she cut his hair. “Not the first haircut he’s tried to give me,” she captioned the black-and-white snapshot.

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