Gia Giudice Shut Down Rumors She Told Joe to Divorce Melissa

Real Housewives of New Jersey star ya judge silence the rumors that she told her uncle Joe Gorga leave his wife Melissa Gorgaamid rumors of cheating around the love italian style author.

Joe, 43, reportedly claimed in a confessional during the upcoming Season 13 reunion that his 22-year-old niece called him trying to talk him into divorcing Melissa, 44, after they broke up. reveal the allegations of cheating.

“Basically she called him a day or two before Teresa [Giudice’s] wedding … and she said, ‘leave Melissa,'” according to the “AllAboutTHR” podcast. “That’s what Gia supposedly did, according to Joe. Andy [Cohen] call Gia to ask her about this big accusation, so this will be in the season finale.”

The podcasters went on to say that “Gia denies saying that.”

“She says she called Joe Gorga. But she begged him to come to Teresa’s wedding,” they added. “She swears by her Nonno and her Nonna that she never told her uncle that she should leave Melissa. Never.”

After a clip from the podcast was shared via TikTok, Gia took to the comments section and said: “[It’s] sad that I have to be raised in a bad light and have to defend myself from Andy and [others].”

Melissa, whom Joe married in 2004, previously denied “unsubstantiated” rumors of his infidelity.

“First of all, it’s a phone game about an unsubstantiated rumor that they said they heard about five years ago and that they’re bringing to light now,” he said. Andy Cohen during an appearance on April 11 at See what happens live. “Are you kidding me?”

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The cheating rumors first surfaced when co-star jennifer aydin open to Daniela Cabral about the accusations he had heard during the April 11 episode.

One of daisy josephs Co-workers reportedly told the fashion designer that he “opened the back seat of a car and saw Melissa in the back seat with a man,” Jennifer, 46, claimed. “And the person who claims to have witnessed it told Margaret that they were kissing. She was making out with another guy.”

The allegations come amid the ongoing drama between the Gorgas and Giudice women, which resulted in Joe and Melissa skipping over their sister, judge theresaand Luis Ruelas Wedding August 2022.

“How can I celebrate someone else’s marriage when they are constantly trying to destroy mine?” Melissa asked during the RHONJ mid-season 13 trailer, released in April 2023. The couple reportedly planned to attend the wedding up to two days before, when they changed their minds after cheating rumors surfaced.

“Teresa betrayed them in an unforgivable way,” a source said. People At the time. “They’re not going to celebrate Teresa’s remarriage when all she’s doing is trying to destroy theirs.”

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