Gia Giudice Claims Melissa Gorga ‘Blocked’ Her on Social Media

family drama! Real Housewives of New Jersey star ya judge revealed that Melissa Gorga blocked her on social media amid her aunt’s feud with judge theresa.

“He blocked me from my public account, my private account and my clothing line account,” Gia, 22, said of Melissa, 44, during the Wednesday, May 3, episode of the “Namaste B$tches” podcast by Teresa.

After noting that the situation is “weird,” Gia revealed how she found out that Melissa blocked her accounts. “One day, I guess, someone told me that she had posted something about me, so I went looking and said, ‘I’m blocked from everything,’ so I’m blocked from everything related to her,” she recalled. .

The podcast appearance isn’t the first time Teresa’s daughter has spoken openly about her issues with Melissa and her uncle. Joe Gorga.

During an upcoming episode of season 13 of RHONJJoe, 44, allegedly claimed in a confessional that his niece tried to talk him into divorcing Melissa after she was accused of cheating.

“Basically, she called him a day or two before Teresa’s wedding…and said, ‘Leave Melissa,’” according to the “AllAboutTHR” podcast.. “That’s what Gia supposedly did, according to Joe. Andy [Cohen] call Gia to ask her about this big accusation, so this will be in the season finale.”

The podcasters later stated that “Gia denies saying that.”

“She says she called Joe Gorga. But she begged him to come to Teresa’s wedding,” they explained. “She swears by her Nonno and her Nonna that she never told her uncle that she should leave Melissa. Never.”

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After a clip from the podcast was shared via TikTok, the New Jersey native took to the comments section to further defend herself. “[It’s] sad that I have to be raised in a bad light and have to defend myself from Andy and [others]Gia wrote.

The cheating allegations, which Melissa has denied, come amid ongoing drama between the Gorgas women and Giudice. Due to their feud, Joe and Melissa skipped Teresa and Luis Ruelaswedding in August 2022.

Gia Giudice Claims Aunt Melissa Gorga 'Blocked' Her On Social Media In The Middle Of A Fight With Teresa
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The couple, who married in 2004, reportedly planned to attend the wedding up to two days before, though they changed their minds amid Teresa’s involvement in cheating rumors.

“Joe and Melissa made a last minute decision not to attend Teresa’s wedding after a huge fight,” a source said. us weekly following the wedding

The source noted that “Teresa may not forgive Joe after this and vice versa,” adding that the mother-of-four continued to “attack Melissa, and Joe doesn’t tolerate it anymore.”

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