From Drama With the Camera Crew and More

shh! The crew quarters are full of secrets on a superyacht, and the staff of the Bravo below deck is no exception!

According to an experienced boater Jessica Morewho is the third stew in season 5 of Beneath the Mediterranean deckthere is “zero privacy unless you go to the bathroom” aboard the massive ship, he said exclusively. In contact.

Additionally, Jessica revealed that the cameras are always rolling. “I just know that there are cameras everywhere,” she shared. It doesn’t matter if “it’s a real cameraman or it’s hanging on the wall somewhere or leaning somewhere”, they are always being filmed.

When it comes to the film crew, they’re all business all the time, boss stew hannah ferrer said exclusively In contact. “In below deckThey are very, very, very strict about the fourth wall. So even for me, I shot five seasons, the camera crew, the audio and all of that, they won’t interact,” shared Hannah, who is expecting her first baby. “They won’t greet me. They will not.

While the camera crew may not be the friendliest, Hannah said she and the yacht staff are expected to treat them as well as the principal. “They are still guests at the end of the day, so we still need to make sure they are cared for and treated with respect.”

Despite the drama depicted on superyachts, there really isn’t that much controversy, sailor Colin Macy-O’Toole said exclusively In contact after season 4. “I tell this to a lot of people, but with all the drama and things on the show, especially with the cover crew, we’ve had probably the most fun, like I don’t know, we’d just go to sleep. laughing so much because Travis [Michalzik]jacob [Stirrup] – they’re goofy and they’re so funny, but they obviously show the dramatic side of things like work stuff that doesn’t show how much fun everyone is,” he said in October 2019. “Not everyone knows that we had a great time together. At the end of the day, we always know what’s going to happen.”

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