Farrah Abraham Slams Trolls Over Sophia Face Piercings

not have it Teenage mother alum Farrah Avraham applauded after embarrassed mothers criticized her for allowing her 14-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, to get six new facial piercings.

“I will not embarrass my daughter, I LOVE and support Sophia 100 percent who and what she wants to become,” Farrah, 31, says exclusively. In contact on Thursday, February 23. “Embarrassed mothers should acknowledge what some children will grow up to be and what [will not]. That’s part of a teenage journey, since I don’t have my navel pierced anymore.”

He my teenage dream ended The author went on to say that she loves “having a teenager.”

“I have all the compassion for her that I wish I had as a teenager,” he added.

Farrah’s comments come just a day after she shared the news of Sophia’s new face jewelry via TikTok.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY 14! #snakebite party and earlobe piercing!” she captioned the video of the montage on February 22. “[Six] piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake, can you eat the cake? [sic]”

Followers were quick to slam the former reality star for her parenting decision with one person writing: “Like you need 1 more reason not to be mom of the year.” [sic].”

“My parents would have done justice if I got piercings at 14!! I had to wait until I was 18! And I thank you every adult day for how strict you were [sic]said another. “They are crazy thinking this is normal behavior between a mother and a 14 year old… all these piercings on her face are too much at 14,” another wrote.

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The single mother is no stranger to being shamed as a mother, but the 16 and pregnant Alum’s main concern is keeping her daughter safe.

“I prefer that it be a professional, disinfected and cleaned, that my teenage son escapes, does it herself and gets infected,” he revealed. after Sophia had her septum pierced for her 13th birthday in February 2022.

Farrah, who rose to fame as a teenager on the MTV franchise while waiting for Sophia for her late boyfriend Derek Underwood, later shared a touching tribute to her teenage daughter via Instagram saying Sophia helped her learn to “reparent.” to herself.

“I want to say beyond love for you, I am grateful to have you as my daughter,” she wrote on February 23. “You have made my world easier to see and get over my childhood and be present. [Two] feet inside of you!”

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