Farrah Abraham Daughter Sophia Gets New Face Piercings

grungy girl. teen mom and alum Farrah AvrahamThe daughter of, Sophia Abraham, celebrated her 14th birthday with six new facial piercings.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY 14!” The former reality star, 31, captioned a TikTok video of the teen’s piercing experience on Wednesday, February 22. 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake can you eat the cake? [sic].”

Fans and followers flooded the comments section of the video to praise Farrah for giving her daughter “freedom.”

“I love that she has been given the freedom to be authentically herself, free from judgment and conformism. [sic]”wrote a fan. “I love that you let her be herself! That is the most amazing gift. [sic]added another, while another acknowledged that Farrah took her to “get them into a clean professional environment.”

The next day, the my teenage dream ended The author shared a touching tribute to her only child on Sophia’s royal birthday.

“I LOVE MY TEEN,” she wrote via Instagram on Thursday, February 23, along with a video montage of a recent mother-daughter photo shoot. “I want to say beyond the love for you, I am grateful to have you as my daughter, you have helped me recognize how to ‘reparent’, even while raising you.”

Farrah continued: “I love you and wish you the most successful life you deserve, filled with compassion, not criticism, shame, guilt or rejection for any reason.”

Sophia’s snakebite piercings aren’t the first time she’s 16 and pregnant alum has taken her daughter to get a face piercing. Farrah previously revealed that Sophia had her septum pierced for her 13th birthday in 2022.

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“I am happy that Sophia has a nose piercing and she has definitely taken the internet by storm with it. Many other 13-year-olds have gotten nose piercings,” Farrah said exclusively. In contact in September 2022. “If it is not permanent and if it is legal, I support it and it would be there. Sophia has her cousins ​​getting her nose pierced now. Like she just had nose piercings all over the place.”

Despite being accepting of her daughter’s personality and love of body modifications, Farrah previously revealed where she draws the line, saying In contact exclusively that she is “not open” to allowing tattoos.

“Sophia has been asking about the tattoos and I don’t have them. I’m not saying anything bad about tattoos. My friends have them. People have them,” the former MTV star said in September 2022. “Sophia has definitely been making me try to get her to go to tattoo parlors lately and I have no idea what it is about.”

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