Ethan, Barry Reunite Following Feud

Water under the bridge. Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath reunited with his family in Georgia after his years-long feud with his mother kim plath and dad barry plath.

“I went to Georgia and I saw my dad and my brothers [sic]”, Ethan, 24, captioned a series of photos shared via Instagram on Friday, March 10. “Nice to see you. Girls are not so little anymore. I also picked up a couple of cars! Good times!”

The reality star and his wife, olivia plathHe has feuded with his parents since their family reality series premiered in November 2019, shortly after they got married. Ethan and his nine siblings were raised in rural South Georgia under strict rules and religious guidelines. However, after he married Olivia, Ethan’s eyes were opened to a world outside of his parents’ strict rules, which included going to the movies to see a movie, drinking sodas, and watching TV shows.

“Obviously, we’re our own family and we’re going to do things the way we choose to do them and we allow a lot of different things in our home that your parents wouldn’t allow and that’s just a personal choice,” Olivia. she said in her joint confessional with Ethan during season 1. “When we got married and moved here, we had alcohol in the house, that was a huge source of tension. We would want to go out for ice cream and that would create a conflict because it would be like, ‘Well, you shouldn’t eat sugar.’ And we’d say, ‘Well, we’re adults. We can make that decision ourselves.’”

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Kim and Barry eventually banned their son and daughter-in-law from interacting with their younger children to avoid what they considered negative influences.

When his parents divorced after 24 years of marriage, Ethan mended his relationship with his father. During an emotional conversation with her mother, Ethan opened up about the “resentment” he feels towards her.

“I think if we’re being honest with each other, sugar and soft drinks were never the problem. The issues I’ve always had with you and dad have been school, dating, and the right and wrong way to do it,” Ethan said. “I feel like, in many ways, you were extremely relaxed in terms of the amount of effort you put into raising the kids. I’ve felt like this literally since I was 13 years old, I felt behind in life, like [I] I couldn’t compete with people who were in my age group in academics.”

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