Drew Barrymore Claps Back at Hugh Grant for Singing Diss

Your drama continues! drew Barrymore applauded his former co-star hugh grantThe comment about her singing voice.

“My Response to Hugh Grant”, the Drew Barrymore Demo the presenter, 48, wrote to accompany a clip she shared via Instagram on Thursday, March 16. The video featured Drew singing and holding a hairbrush as a microphone, captioning the post, “#SingForHughGrant JOIN ME.”

He 50 first dates The star’s hilarious reaction came three days after Hugh, 62, changed the way he sang in his 2007 romantic musical film, music and lyrics.

“Drew Barrymore was in that movie with me, and I don’t think he minds me saying his singing is horrible,” the English actor said. cabling Tuesday March 14. “I’ve heard dogs bark better than she sings.”

However the Ruin The actor later clarified that once the production team “tuned in [Drew] up”, she “sounded much better than [him] because it has heart, voice and rock ‘n’ roll”.

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Hugh has been making headlines this week for his red carpet interview with Ashley Graham at the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 12. Many viewers thought the exchange was awkward for the American Beauty star, 35, after being asked a round of questions by her.

Ashley asked the Oscars host questions about who designed her outfit for the night, but he shrugged it off. Next, she asked him about her job at Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, but he replied dryly: “I’m hardly on it. I’m in it for about three seconds.”

Twitter users were quick to weigh in on the interaction, with many calling Hugh’s behavior “rude.”

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“Ashley Graham deserves an honorary Oscar for putting up with Hugh Grant. Don’t walk the carpet if you don’t walk to talk about THE REAL OSCARS,” one person tweeted that night. “Hugh Grant was so rude during his interview!” another chimed in, adding: “Ashley Graham handled it with grace. Her blank look at him at the end was obnoxious! Don’t accept an interview if you’re going to be a jerk.

However, some fans came to Hugh’s defense, pointing out that his attitude was more appreciated in the UK than in the US.

“In some ways, it’s quite reassuring to realize that Britain hasn’t fully become the US, culturally,” one social media user. wrotebefore adding: “As evidenced by the reactions to the Hugh Grant/Ashley Graham interview (Americans think he was being rude, Brits know he just wasn’t being disingenuous).”

When Ashley was asked the next day if she had been “offended” by Hugh, she told TMZ: “You know what? My mom told me to kill people nicely, so there you have it.”

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