Does Tammy Slaton Have a New Boyfriend? Greg Morgan Updates

Does 1000 sister pounds star tammy slaton she already has a new boyfriend after her marriage to caleb willingham? Read on for details on her possible romance with Greg Morgan..

Is Tammy Slaton dating Greg Morgan?

The Indianapolis resident counts In contact exclusively on May 11, “Tune In to Next Season, You Might Get What You’re Waiting For” on whether or not he and Tammy are a couple, which seems to hint that he’ll appear on Season 5 of 1000 sister pounds

the united states sun originally reported on May 11 that Greg and Tammy met on a dating app in the middle of it ​It is rumored ​separation from her husband Caleb. they have He reportedly met in person “a handful” of times after traveling by bus from Indiana to visit the reality star at his Kentucky home, according to the site, which also reported that Greg met family members. from Tammy.

What is Greg Morgan’s job?

He is an Indianapolis-based TikTok content creator who goes by the name PrinceXtheYGN. Greg posts videos that show off everything from his muscular physique to his meals to the view from his front window. It is not clear if he has other sources of income.

When did Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham get married?

Their November 2022 wedding was shown on the season 4 finale of the TLC series which aired on March 21, 2023. The couple met at the Ohio-based weight loss center where they were both residents. Tammy and Caleb hardly know each other, their stay being extended due to a tracheostomy infection around the time Caleb finally started leaving his room after almost a year at the facility due to health issues.

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Tammy and Caleb got engaged in October 2022 and married the following month. her sister, amy slatonadmitted in a confessional during the March 7, 2023 episode of the show that he originally thought the news of Tammy’s engagement was a joke “because he wants to marry a complete stranger.”

After their sunflower-themed wedding at the facility where Amy served as bridesmaid, she admitted, “Going in, I was skeptical of Caleb, and I still am…but I got a little better knowing he’s here for Tammy, and he loves her.

Did Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham break up?

Tammy was released from the center in February 2023 after reaching her goal weight. She moved back to her native Kentucky while Caleb remained in Ohio.

Fans became aware in early April that Tammy changed her TikTok account name to “Slaton” after previously listing it as “Willingham,” taking it as a hint that she and Caleb had broken up.

Another clue to their split came from a post, purportedly from Caleb’s private Facebook page.

“If you were here just for my wife then delete me now,” his post allegedly read. “We are married only for paper at the moment. Your decision not mine. It was more than that. I’m hurt, angry, confused and alone even with other people around.”

Neither Tammy nor Caleb have publicly commented on the status of their marriage and have not filed divorce proceedings either.

Tammy, Caleb and TLC representatives did not immediately respond to In contactrequest for comments.

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