Does Jenelle Evans Have Custody of Son Jace? Updates

At last? Rumors began to spread that teen mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans finally won custody of their eldest son, Jace, after more than a decade of fighting with his mother, Barbara Evans. Read on for details about your custody arrangement.

What has Jenelle Evans said about custody of Jace?

The former reality star took to social media on Tuesday, February 21, to announce that she would have exciting news soon.

“I’m about to achieve the unthinkable and can’t wait to share the news with everyone,” he wrote via Twitter.

While the North Carolina native remained mum on the subject of her news, fans were quick to speculate about a new career path or possible pregnancy.

“Are you going to get Jace back?!! Finally!” commented one follower.

Jenelle then added fuel to the custody speculation when she responded to a troll who called her a “ratchet.”

“You should criticize someone who makes money having a child that their mom is STILL raising.” [sic]the February 22 comment read, referring to Barbara’s custody of Jace.

The Read Between the Lines author responded with an inverted face emoji, saying, “I can’t wait to share this week’s update on my case.” [sic].”

Will Jenelle Evans have custody of Jace?

Reports began circulating on Friday, February 24, that Barbara apparently agreed to turn custody of the 13-year-old girl over to Jenelle.

However, shortly after the news, the former 16 and pregnant The star took to Twitter to shut down the claims.

“Am don’t talk about custody absolutely. That’s not what I’m advertising. Don’t listen to the media,” she tweeted alongside an eye-rolling emoji.

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Representatives for Jenelle and Barbara did not immediately respond to In Touch’s request for comment.

How long has Barbara Evans had custody of Jace?

After welcoming Jace, whom she shares with her high school sweetheart. andres lewis – in August 2009, Jenelle was still living her life and partying while leaving her mother in charge of the baby. The former reality star handed custody of her son to Barbara in 2010 and the mother-daughter duo have been in and out of court for more than a decade over this matter.

In 2017, the custody agreement was amended to establish a set visitation schedule for Jenelle.

“I’m no longer restricted to when my mom says I can have my son,” Jenelle told E! News at the moment. “At the moment that is all that matters to me. [I] I just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day, but today was not the day, sadly.”

Four years later, Jenelle revealed in a January 2021 TikTok that Jace “lives with [her] now full time.”

“This is a little PSA ad,” Jenelle said in the video. “My children are happy, they are healthy. That’s all that matters.

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