Do Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel Hate Each Other? Rumored Feud

Real meat or just jokes? Actor Matt Damon and late-night talk show host jimmy kimmel they have sent out rumors that they have been in a feud for years. But where does this supposed tension come from? Is it all true?

Read on to learn everything we know about Matt and Jimmy’s alleged feud.

Does Matt Damon hate Jimmy Kimmel?

During a March 2023 interview with entertainment tonighthe goodwill hunting The actor responded to a question about whether he would agree to end the dispute with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host.

“No, no, he’s a jerk. Why would he do that?” Matt said jokingly, before adding: “He’s a terrible human being. He is a terrible human being. He is a demonstrably bad man.

Soon after, the Office of Adjustment The star noticed Jimmy in the background and jokingly called out, “Hey! I would love to take a picture with you, but our time is up!” referring to Jimmy’s funny skit where he apologizes to Matt for not inviting him on his show.

Matt Damon on why rumored Jimmy Kimmel fight won't stop: 'He's an idiot'

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon are in a fight?

Although they caused quite a stir among fans, the two are apparently just teasing each other.

When Matt’s best friend and Air co-star, Ben Affleck, appeared On Jimmy’s talk show in March 2023, the comedian delivered another jab at Matt.

while talking to him Argo actor, Jimmy mentioned that all the other cast members would appear in Jimmy Kimmel Live! except for Matt, which Ben noticed.

“You are leaving someone out. Well, Matt Damon is the lead,” Ben said, to which Jimmy quipped, “No, I said all the best, all the great people in the movie.”

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Ben then offered to call Matt during the show to talk to Jimmy, and Matt showed up via Zoom to say, “Hey guys! What about everyone? I’m on the show!”

“Jimmy, thanks for calling, that’s really great of you,” the writer continued as he hilariously bragged that he was finally on the show.

After Jimmy and Matt joked funny during the interview, Jimmy jokingly told Ben, “I can’t believe you’re dating that guy,” to which Ben replied, “I’m so disappointed.”

How did the rumors of a fight between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel start?

In 2005, Jimmy joked at the end of a Season 3 episode of his talk show that Matt couldn’t appear, leading to his ongoing on-air joke that he would use for years to come: “I want to apologize to Matt Damon, he our time is up.”

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