Did Teddi Mellencamp Have a One-Night Stand With Matt Damon?

Looking back. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum teddy mellencamp claims he had a one-night stand with Matt Damon. Keep scrolling to hear details about the alleged affair, what he had to say about the experience, and more.

‘RHOBH’ alum Teddi Mellencamp had a one-night stand with Matt Damon?

While appearing on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” on April 18, 2023, with tamra judge, Teddi opened up about her alleged one-night stand with Matt that happened 20 years ago. However, she did not initially reveal his identity.

“She brought it up on a podcast, and then she came back and said to the producers, ‘Take that guy’s name off,’” Tamra, 55, told Jeff, 53, about hearing about Teddi’s night with Matt on his “Two Ts in a Pod” show. podcast. “So now, I tell people, ‘If you want to know, just send a private message and I’ll tell you who it is.'”

Teddi, 41, added: “She tells people in DMs. I’m like, ‘she Stop telling people. She didn’t want to take this guy out. Who knows?!”

The mother-of-four shared hints about who the mystery man was, including that his initials are MD and that he “has a very famous best friend.” The friend she was probably mentioning is ben affleckwith whom Matt, 52, has worked on several films.

Her identity was eventually confirmed when a producer asked her if she had a one-night stand with Matt.

“I’ve already been coined a liar, I don’t need this kind of thing outside the house,” Teddi responded to the conjecture.

How did ‘RHOBH’ alum Teddi Mellencamp meet Matt Damon?

The former Bravo star explained that he met Matt when he snuck into a club at the age of 20 while using a fake ID.

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“He was probably 30 to 10 years older,” Teddi shared. “I only slept with him one night. He didn’t get my number.”

Has Matt Damon responded to Teddi Mellencamp’s One-Night Stand claims?

He Air The actor has not publicly addressed Teddi’s claims.

Who is ‘RHOBH’ alum Teddi Mellencamp married to?

While things didn’t work out with Matt, Teddi eventually fell in love with and married Edwin Arroyave in 2011. The couple share children Isabella, Slate, Cruz, and Dove.

Who is Matt Damon married to?

Meanwhile, Matt got married Luciana Barroso in 2005 and they share daughters Isabella, Gia and Stella. Also, she has a daughter, Alexia, from a previous relationship.

'RHOBH' alum Teddi Mellencamp slept with Matt Damon?  One-Night Stand Internal Claims
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In 2018, Luciana, 46, opened up about how she met Matt while working as a bartender in Miami in 2003. “We definitely had a connection right away, it was so easy to talk to each other that we felt very comfortable. [with each other], and at the end of the night, he asked me out with his friends. But I was like, ‘I can’t, I have a four-year-old daughter, I’m not going anywhere’ … and that was one of the things that I loved, that I had a daughter,” she said. Fashion.

Luciana continued: “Some guys might have been different, they might think it’s complicated, but for him it wasn’t. When you meet someone you have a connection with, that’s just the person you have a connection with, all the other stuff, the movie star part, wasn’t really a factor. He was just Matt, to me he’s just Matt.”

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