Did Tammy and Caleb Split? Clues

1000 sister pounds star tammy slaton married caleb willingham at a gorgeous sunflower-themed wedding in November 2022, but fans suspect there’s been trouble in paradise for the newlyweds! Read on to find out everything we know about Tammy and Caleb’s speculated split.

How did 1000 lbs. Do sisters Tammy and Caleb know each other?

The YouTube personality met Caleb at a weight loss treatment center in Ohio, where Tammy checked in for her food addiction in November 2021.

While the Kentucky native was initially scheduled to return home, her stay was extended against her fierce wishes due to a serious trach infection; however, it was during this time that she met her future husband.

During the March 7 episode of the series, Tammy explained that Caleb was “starting to come out of his room because he was having health issues.”

Caleb later admitted that his best friend’s wife found Tammy on social media and seeing her weight loss journey was motivation to get serious about his own health.

“Not just about you, but about this place, in general,” he told the TLC personality during a later scene. “I just heard how well someone could do it. I said, ‘Hey, I can do this too.’”

In her own confessional, Tammy admitted that Caleb’s internet research “might be a little stalkerish, but I’m not mad at him.”

When did 1000 Lb. Will sisters Tammy and Caleb get married?

Tammy and Caleb got engaged within a month of dating and revealed sudden plans to get married within two weeks. tammy’s sisters amy slaton and amanda halterman they were visibly shocked to hear the great news.

“Two weeks away. Are you kidding me? Why rush something? Amanda said in a confessional during the March 14 episode. “I would definitely like to know your first, middle, and last name before my sister goes and takes your last name.”

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With their sisters by their sides, Tammy and Caleb finally documented their November 2022 wedding at the weight loss center.

Tammy Slaton Wedding Photos Of The 1000lb Sisters Images 3

“Going in, I was skeptical of Caleb, and I still am,” Amy told the cameras. “It got a little better knowing that he’s here for Tammy and that he loves her.”

He did 1000 lbs. Do sisters Tammy and Caleb break up?

Even though season 4 of the spin-off ended in wedded bliss, it seems that the couple have encountered problems ever since they tied the knot. While Tammy left the weight loss center after reaching her goal weight in February 2023, Caleb remained at the clinic.

The couple’s public Facebook pages still list their relationship status as “married,” but fans noticed in early April that Tammy changed her name on her TikTok account to her maiden name after previously listing it as Willingham. . In the comments section, her followers were quick to ask about the abrupt change. “No more Tammy Willingham?” one user wrote.

Another breakup hint came from a post, purportedly from Caleb’s private Facebook page.

“If you were here just for my wife then delete me now,” Caleb’s post allegedly read. “We are married only for paper at the moment. Your decision not mine. It was more than that. I’m hurt, angry, confused and alone even with other people around.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how Caleb and Tammy’s marriage pans out.

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