Did Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Have Plastic Surgery? Speculation

The fans think sister wives star mary brown may have had plastic surgery after noticing that she looks different lately. Keep scrolling to find out if she’s gone crazy, and learn about fan speculation.

Why do fans think ‘Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown has had plastic surgery?

Meri took Instagram on April 15 to share a selfie that showed her wearing a full face of makeup while smiling for the camera. “Right here having another epic day!” he The TLC personality captioned the snap. “Happy Saturday!”

Fans took to the comments section to praise Meri’s appearance. “You look fabulous! It’s amazing how good you look when [lose] 200 pounds!! Have a nice day!” one person wrote, referencing their split from kody brown.

Meanwhile, others wondered if he had gone under the knife. “Love glitter,” another social media user wrote. “Can you share what you have done?”

“She definitely got the job done,” someone else wrote. “[She] It looks so different from when it first appeared on TV.”

Meri didn’t answer the question, though several fans did respond to share their thoughts on the reality star’s appearance. One person surmised that she used a “brow softener,” while another wrote that she could have gotten Botox and a facelift.

However, others suggested that Meri simply edited the photo with a filter.

What has ‘Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown said about getting plastic surgery?

While fans seem convinced that Meri did something to change her appearance, the reality star has been keeping quiet about the latest speculation.

The April 2023 photo isn’t the first time fans have wondered if Meri had a job done for herself. In July 2022, a fan asked via Instagram if Meri had gone under the knife. The TV personality shut down the speculation by responding: “No! Just Invisalign and sunburn haha!”

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When did ‘Sister Wives’ stars Meri Brown and Kody Brown break up?

After more than 30 years together, Meri and Kody revealed that they called it quits in December 2022.

Their separation was revealed during part 1 of the Sister Wives: One on One Tell-All, which aired at the end of season 17.

Sister Wives' Meri Brown Got Plastic Surgery?  Why fans think she's gone under the knife
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

Nearly a month later, the exes decided to “share [their] own truth” about their separation in a joint Instagram post on January 10, 2023.

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique way, we have made the decision to permanently end our marital relationship,” Meri and Kody’s statement read. “During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect for each other and all of our family members, and we are also committed to the ongoing healing of any and all relationships within the family so that we can move forward with the forgiveness. grace and love.”

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