Did Debbie and Oussama Split? Updates

90 day fiance stars Debbie Aguero and oussama it apparently left him in the midst of ongoing issues related to his pathway and plans to move to the United States.

Debbie, 67, accused Oussama, 24, of caring more about getting a visa and moving from his home country of Morocco than about their relationship in a teaser clip for the May 7 episode. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side, which was shared by entertainment tonight on Tuesday, May 2.

During the April 30 episode, the couple fell out when he shared his plans to move to the US after she changed her life to be with him in Morocco.

“The most important thing and the most sacred thing is marriage and love, that comes first, that is the foundation,” Debbie told Oussama in the teaser clip after he asked why she seemed more focused on marriage. than in growing your relationship. “Love can conquer anything, but you don’t have a strong love for me to achieve a life here, so you never had unconditional love for me and I’m glad to know that now.”

After Oussama accused Debbie of not believing in his love, she argued that she did because she moved abroad to be with him. However, she added that her love seemed to be conditioned on her taking him to the United States.

“Love, to me, is something sacred,” he replied. “Not when a problem happens, run away. So this also affects my heart. Day after day after day, makes me love her less[sic].”

Oussama then claimed that Debbie had changed, though she responded by saying that he doesn’t like that she has gotten “stronger” since they met.

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He went on to argue that they have no future in Morocco as artists, to which Debbie said his reasoning was “BS”.

“I’m going to carry on without you,” the Georgia native said. “And I will forge a new path, but you failed me.”

Debbie then got up from the table and walked away from her fiancé.

The couple apparently broke up after Debbie told her son, Julien, that he should have listened to her concerns about Oussama after learning of his plans to obtain a US green card.

“He made some very cruel comments, not like the Oussama I know,” Debbie told her son during the April 30 episode.

Calling you to quit?  90 Day Fiance's Debbie and Oussama apparently split amid a fight over her visa

He added that Oussama apparently became a different person overnight. “He keeps changing, and it always happens at night,” Debbie shared. “I am afraid of the dark here in Morocco. It’s like he changed completely.”

Julien told his mother that she should leave Oussama, though the TLC star wasn’t convinced that was the best option. “I’m trying to readjust my thinking,” Debbie said. “Everything changed in an instant. This was a man she loved, and now he has become someone else.”

The reality star continued to discuss her issues in a confessional. “I am mourning the loss of my best friend,” Debbie told the cameras. “Now it’s like, ‘Debbie, stop. Leave. Go home. But I don’t know if I’m ready to do that. I miss my friend, you know? What I miss the most is not a physical relationship, I miss my friend.”

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