Did Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval Want Kids? Quotes

Scandoval’s plot simply thickened. Vander Pump Rules stars Thomas Sandoval and ariana madix They discussed fertility options on an episode of the hit reality series Bravo, so does this mean they wanted children together? Some fans are wondering if the former couple were on the same page when it came to having children.

Read on to find out if Tom and Ariana wanted kids.

Did Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix plan to have children?

During a vpr episode that aired on April 19, 2023, the two reality stars talked about Tom donating his sperm.

“If you have shit sperm, I don’t want it to go anywhere, my shit I worked so hard to get out of my body,” Ariana explained to her then-boyfriend.

Later in her confessional, the Florida native recalled freezing her eggs while sharing her perspective on expanding a family.

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“Two years ago, I froze my eggs and was able to retrieve 26 of them, which is really good. Like, awesome. Good job, ovaries,” Ariana said. “My stance on everything related to being pregnant and giving birth hasn’t really changed. It’s just that I don’t like that biological clocks have the power to make anything tick. Those eggs are more viable as fertilized embryos.”

However, the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner didn’t seem happy that Ariana told him she “didn’t really care” if they ended up having children together.

“Last year, when Ariana asked me to fertilize her eggs, I was excited,” Tom said. “But why would Ariana want me to fertilize her eggs when we may or may not have children or whatever she decides?”

Why did Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix break up?

In contact confirmed on March 3, 2023 that Tom and Ariana broke up due to their affair with Rachel Levissthat allegedly began in August 2022, according to multiple allegations by his vpr co-stars

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“The rumor is true: they actually broke up because Tom cheated on her with Raquel,” said a source close to Ariana. In contact shortly after Tom and Raquel’s cheating scandal surfaced online.

After their breakup, band member Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras alleged that he had already broken up with Ariana before her public downfall.

“She was trying to talk me out of breaking up,” Tom claimed during an April 2023 appearance on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast. “She asked me that day when we were leaving, like, because we had talked about fertilizing [her] eggs, which I never did. …She was like, ‘So what do you think about doing a sperm check to fertilize my eggs?’ And I’m like, ‘What? We’re separated'”.

Are Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss still together?

During his conversation with howie mandel in April 2023, Tom revealed that he was “seeing Raquel as often as [he] I could” and “FaceTiming her all time” while still with Ariana. However, she emphasized that “Ariana didn’t even notice because they were so separated [their] lives were.”

“I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time, emotionally,” Tom said, referring to his relationship with the former Miss Sonoma County. “Those feelings that she had started to take over in a sense. Logic went out the window.”

Despite their intense chemistry, Raquel told TMZ in late March 2023 that she and Tom were “taking a break” from their romance.

“It started as a friendship and it turned into something more,” said the California native. “We are just trying to go through these next steps and make amends and listen to everyone. I know a lot of people are angry. So just follow these next steps and don’t put a label on anything.”

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