Derick Dillard Slamming the Duggar Family: His Quotes

No holding back! Derick Dillard has been regularly spilling the tea on the Duggars and Counting on throughout his relationship with the wife Jill Dillard (née Duggar). TOAfter a December 2019 Instagram photo turned into an impromptu Q&A with fans, the former TLC star has been pretty candid about the years spent filming with her famous family. In April 2020, she even spoke out in an interview with the YouTube channel Without a crystal ball.

talking to vlogger kate joy, Derick sought to address the misunderstandings fans have about his family. In addition to talking about his in-laws, he also wanted to clarify his views on drinking, homosexuality, and modesty. He insisted that he has never had a problem with women wearing pants: his mother, Cathy Dillard Urban Space, he can frequently be seen wearing jeans or pants, or with alcohol. In fact, he admitted that he even drank in the past, although not enough to get drunk.

When it comes to the LGBTQ+ community, she insisted that she doesn’t hate it. In fact, she even shared that his little brother in her college fraternity is gay. Although fans have regularly criticized him for his transphobic statements about jazz jennings and his tv show I am jazzand continues to misinterpret her on social media, maintaining that she “loves all people, including LGBTQ+ people.”

The interview also touched on how he and Jill are recovering from their time on the show. In December 2019, the father-of-two said filming conditions “took [them] on the brink of sanity and could have easily destroyed [their] live if [they] He had continued that trajectory.” At the time, she said they were working to pick up the pieces, recently revealing that part of that job includes meeting with a licensed counselor. “[That] It has helped a lot,” he admitted. “God has answered our prayers and has used this to help us get through the pain and stress and grow closer as a couple.”

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But there may be even more tea to come. On Twitter, the law school grad hinted that he hopes to one day publish a book about the family’s experiences. He shared that he’s already started outlining and writing progress, though he won’t be ready to hit shelves any time soon. For now, he is focused on his career and raising his three children with his wife.

Check out everything Derick has shared about the Duggars and their TV show below.

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