Debbie Discusses If Oussama Will ‘Win Her Back’

Too little too late? 90 day fiance star Debbie Aguero said the chances of rekindling her romance with oussama they are thin after their separation.

“For Oussama to win me back, it would take an act of God,” said Debbie, 67, in a confessional during the episode on Sunday, May 7, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side.

In the previous episode, Debbie became suspicious that 24-year-old Oussama was using her to get a US green card after he expressed plans to move back to his home country.

“He took our base and just made a big rift and made the relationship fall apart with his lies and his hidden agenda,” she continued. “I don’t know how he can write all the evil that he has done to me.”

The couple met later to discuss their issues, with Debbie noting the Morocco native’s “inability” to inform her of his plan to move to the United States.

“I feel sad because you lied to me about your emotions and your love, and I can’t accept that,” she said.

Oussama told him that his suspicions were wrong by replying: “I spoke to you exactly that day, you… you thought that I only wanted you for the visa, for the money. No, Debbie. You always think like that.

He explained that his original plan was for Debbie to “come here [to Morocco] and do our documents and then go to the US and live there.” However, she Debbie argued that she was supposed to visit him in Morocco because they planned to “get married”.

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“You are doing everything you can for a visa,” Debbie told Oussama. “I’m doing everything about a life.”

The Georgia native then suggested that Oussama doesn’t have “strong enough love” for her to “achieve a life” in Morocco together. “You never had unconditional love for me, and I’m glad to know that,” she told him.

Oussama responded by saying that she “never” believed that he really loved her, although Debbie argued that she would not have moved to Morocco if that was the case.

As the fight continued, Debbie finally had enough and apparently ended things with Oussama for good.

“I’m going to go on without you,” he told her. “And I will forge a new path, but you failed me.”

90 Day Fiance's Debbie Says It Will Take 'An Act Of God' For Oussama To 'Get His Back Back' After Split

After their split, Debbie told cameras that her experience with Oussama was “like sticking your finger in a socket.”

“He left no clues that he was a totally different person from how he presented himself,” he said. “Somehow, somehow I’ll recover from all this madness, but now you have a wiser Debbie.”

Debbie continued: “I’m going to have to work on myself to be able to trust again, but I can do it! I’m a tough old crone. I really am. Whatever. I’m just going back [to the U.S.] like, ‘Yes, I can.’”

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