Debbie and Oussama’s 43-Year Age Gap Quotes

Unconventional love. 90 day fiance stars Debbie Aguero and oussama It proves that love has no age limit with their age difference of 43 years.

The couple first connected on social media. “He commented on my artwork and was very complimentary,” Debbie explained during the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side season 4 premiere in February 2023. “We had a lot in common. And he would send me pictures of his painting and poetry”.

Debbie and Oussama spoke online for six months before she traveled to her home country of Morocco to meet in person for the first time.

“I knew Oussama was younger, but I didn’t know how much younger until we met in person,” the Georgia native admitted in a confessional. “At first I said: ‘Look, Oussama, I just can’t do this. You are too young.’ But he made me see that it was not about age and circumstance. It’s about a deeper level of connectivity and us being a team.”

Debbie visited Morocco two more times before Oussama proposed to her. After her engagement, the TLC personality packed up her life in the United States to live in Morocco.

However, they ran into conflict when Oussama told Debbie that he wanted her to return to the United States shortly after their move during a March 2023 episode.

“I had expectations, and I took your word that you loved me, and we were getting married and now you tell me you’re not marrying me, and this is a two-month test drive? Debbie asked.

Oussama responded by arguing that they needed to “really” get to know each other before getting married.

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The artist said she “fucked up big time” by moving in for him and admitted that Oussama’s request took her by surprise. “This was my prince charming and I’m starting to see someone I don’t even know anymore,” he said in a confessional, adding that he claimed he was ready to marry her a year earlier.

Despite their issues, the couple seemed to reconcile in the following episode when they rode camels together. Oussama even said that she was “very happy” during the outing.

One thing the couple have agreed on is that they won’t let their age differences get in the way of their romance. Keep scrolling to see everything Debbie and Oussama have said about their huge age gap.

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