Daniele, Yohan Sex Includes ‘Acrobatics’

intimate! 90 day fiance star daniele doors shared some personal information about her sex life with her husband, John Geronimo.

“Yohan is really strong and I am very flexible so we make it work,” Daniele, 42, said of her time in bed while answering questions from fans in a teaser clip for the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side reveal of season 4, which was shared by People on Friday, May 19.

The petite reality star shared the information after being asked how she and her much taller husband handle physical intimacy.

After noting that there are “a lot of stunts involved sometimes,” Daniele added. “I just think it makes sex so much more exciting.”

the FTA personality did not reveal their actual height difference, though he did tell the host shaun robinson that she “reaches to his waist” while standing.

Yohan, 33, also said that they have not allowed their height difference to have a negative impact on their sex life.

“The size difference has not been a problem for us,” he said. “When you’re in bed, we’re all the same size.”

Daniele and Yohan met while she was on vacation in her native Dominican Republic.

“When I met Yohan, I felt an instant connection with him,” the yoga teacher told producers during her reality debut during season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise. “But it was immediately clear that our relationship would face many challenges.”

A month after their first meeting, Daniele returned to the DR and Yohan proposed to her. They got married in November 2021 and are still going strong today.

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“A year of marriage, a lifetime of learning,” Daniele wrote via Instagram while celebrating their first marriage anniversary in November 2022. “Blessed to be able to do this together.”

TMI!  90 Day Fiance's Daniele Reveals 'Stunts' Are Involved In Her Sex With Her Husband Yohan
Courtesy of Daniele Gates/Instagram

Just as Daniele predicted, she and Yohan have faced several obstacles in their relationship.

While they’ve had trouble communicating due to a language barrier, the couple also haven’t seen eye to eye when it comes to where they should live. Daniele was very open about wanting to live in the DR, while Yohan expressed interest in moving to the United States because he believed they “would have more opportunities” as a couple.

However, Daniele and Yohan currently live in the Caribbean. He confirmed her living arrangements by sharing a video of her on a scooter exploring the area in May 2023.

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