Daniele Shocked About Yohan Abortions

Feeling betrayed. 90 day fiance star daniele doors she was shocked when she found out that her husband John GeronimoPrevious couples have had abortions.

Daniele and Yohan caught up with their friend Sophy to ask the 32-year-old Dominican Republic native questions amid their suspicions that she was using Daniele, 43, to move to the United States during Sunday’s episode. March 5th 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side.

After Yohan told Sophy that he hopes to have children with his wife, she pointed out that Daniele’s age will make it more difficult for the couple to conceive.

Yohan and Daniele have been trying to get pregnant for a year, although they have not been successful. When they visited a fertility specialist, the couple learned that Daniele only had a five percent chance of getting pregnant.

“I wouldn’t feel good about it, but my gut tells me yes, it’s possible,” Yohan admitted when asked how she would feel if they couldn’t have children. Meanwhile, Ella Daniele shared that she felt devastated every time she had false hope of being pregnant.

Later, Sophy asked Yohan if he had children. While she said that she didn’t, she did share that her previous partners have had abortions.

“It happened before, but some got pregnant and it didn’t happen,” the TLC personality shared. “Some got rid of it, on purpose.”

Daniele was shocked by the news and noted that Yohan told her that his exes have had miscarriages. However, she did not know that any of them had miscarriages.

“I’m not upset about the abortion, I’m upset that Yohan hasn’t been honest with me, and my full faith in this relationship is about my faith in him and his honesty and if I lose that then what do we do? have?” she explained.

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The next day, Daniele confronted her husband about keeping the abortion a secret from her.

“I have been with many women and one of them got pregnant,” she said in a confessional, insisting that the abortion was no big deal. “But the past doesn’t have to be in your current relationship, so whether or not you miscarried has nothing to do with it.”

Yohan argued that he told Daniele “everything”, although she insisted that he did not.

“I can’t trust you when you don’t tell the truth,” the former schoolteacher told him. “My problem is not with your past, my problem is that you are a liar.”

Later, Daniele broke down in tears when she explained that her previous partners have kept secrets from her. “For me, once trust is broken, it’s broken forever,” he said.

Later in the episode, the pair continued to discuss the revelation. Yohan argued that he never lied to Daniele because he believes that miscarriage and abortions go hand in hand.

90 Day Fiance's Daniele Gates Shocked After Learning Yohan Geronimo's Abortion Story
Courtesy of Daniele Gates/Instagram

“It seems that I am dealing with a child,” Daniele said in a confessional about Yohan’s behavior. “When he gets to a place where he’s defensive, it’s like the conversation is going nowhere.”

Meanwhile, Yohan stood his ground, saying, “If you don’t trust me, that’s your problem.”

During a confessional, the New York native criticized Yohan for not having any “sympathy” for her. “She makes me very nervous that this is the kind of support that I will receive from my husband in the long term,” she added.

“He really wanted a son and he really wanted him with him for who he believed he was,” Daniele continued through tears. “And if that’s not really who he is, then what am I fighting for?”

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