Daniele Gates Ex-Boyfriend Taylen Alexander

90 day fiance star daniele doors Yois in a lot of hot water after asking her husband, Yohan Geronimoto meet her ex boyfriend, alexander taylen – but who is his former basketball love interest? Read on to find out everything we know about Daniele’s ex, Taylen Alexander.

Who is former ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Daniele, Taylen Alexander?

Daniele met Taylen in Miami, Florida in 2020 and they were in a relationship for about four months.

“It started as a friendship and it grew,” Taylen told Yohan over drinks during the April 30 episode. Daniele added: “So, at first, we were friends for two or three weeks. But at the beginning we said that it was not long-term, for marriage or a serious relationship, it was just for the pandemic, for fun.

90 Day Fiancée Daniele Gates Ex Boyfriend Taylen Alexander

According to his Eurobasket profile, the Illinois native played basketball in both Mexico and the United States after beginning his college career at Earlham College.

How does Yohan feel about Daniele’s ex-boyfriend, Taylen?

Yohan made his feelings for Taylen apparent during their first meeting in person when he immediately questioned him about his previous relationship with Daniele.

After sizing him up and asking what his shoe size was, Yohan joked that Daniele liked men with “big penises.” While the Dominican Republic native also pressed Daniele further about the intimacies of her relationship with Taylen, she refused to delve into the subject.

“I’m not going to tell you about my relationship with him, because it’s inappropriate,” the former history teacher told her husband. “He’s private. Don’t talk about it, you’re crazy.”

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The interaction led to a huge explosion as Daniele felt that Yohan did not trust her.

“You want to humiliate me and for that you need power. I don’t like that,” the New York native told Yohan as she shed a few tears. “I don’t want to be crying every day because of your insecurity and you need to make me look bad.”

In a private confessional, Daniele claimed that Yohan asked questions not to really know the information, but to make her feel “uncomfortable”.

“Any husband who goes out of his way to make his wife feel that way is not a husband who has unconditional love for her,” the mother-of-one concluded.

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