Cynthia Bailey Weight Loss: ‘RHOA’ Alum Transformation

It’s coming for the necks! He Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey she’s been thirst-trapping on Instagram and we can’t get over how amazing she looks. The former model showed off her best poses via Instagram in April 2023, as she gave fans an update on her incredible weight loss journey.

The reality star shared that she gained 20 pounds amid the COVID-19 lockdown during the season 13 premiere of rhoa in December 2020. Three months earlier, Cynthia shared that she was on a weight loss journey in preparation for her wedding to her ex-husband. mike hill. At the time, Bravolebrity divided their time between Los Angeles, where Mike lived, and Atlanta, where he resides.

“I was alone here at Lake Bailey, so I was able to control what’s in the fridge,” she said. us weekly in August 2020. “I was able to be healthy. I was able to, you know, start exercising again and just control my diet and eating.”

Nearly three years later, Cynthia embarked on another weight loss journey – this time, it was all about sticking to an amazing workout routine!

“One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start working out consistently with my trainer @teegymjunkie @litfitnutrition! I dropped the ball the first week, but was determined to start this week. I had a great workout, and after I made him come with me to celebrate [sic]!” Cynthia captioned the first record of her at the gym on Instagram on January 9, 2023.

The Bailey Wine Cellar CEO posted another workout clip the next day while being totally transparent on her health journey, admitting that she “stinks” working out and hadn’t worked out consistently in “a long time.” However, she walks a lot, sometimes miles, to help clear her mind. Although exercise is good for her mind, Cynthia revealed that she doesn’t lose weight with it.

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“I’m in terrible shape. So I vowed to myself to focus on being a BETTER ME (inside and out) by 2023 and indeed, from now on. So I committed to working out 3 days a week with a trainer. This was my first day of training with my trainer…she took it easy on me (ok not that easy but a little bit anyway lol) [sic]”, he captioned his Instagram post. “I struggled a bit because again, I am DEFINITELY out of shape. But I made it. I did everything she asked me to do. I’m very proud that I’ve really committed and I did pretty well. Inspired and motivated to continue. Day 1 is the hardest and committing is the hardest [sic].”

One thing’s for sure, Cynthia Bailey has gotten a new glow since entering her fitness girl era! See photos of her peachy weight loss transformation so far.

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