Craziest Feuds Between Cast Members

While 90 day fiance it can be about international love, that doesn’t stop the cast members from getting into the drama, and sometimes that means with their franchise co-stars.

Angela considersknown for her difficult relationship with her husband, michael iesanmipublicly feuded with another famous Nigerian on the show, Usman “SojaBoy” Umarand their argument intensified during the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 telling it all.

Angela and SojaBoy’s feud began in February 2022 after the Hazlehurst, Georgia native learned SojaBoy and Michael ran into each other at a local hotel in Nigeria when the two posed for a photo together.

After Angela found out about Michael’s new friend in SojaBoy, she reposted his photo via her own Instagram story, captioning the photo, “Bird of a feather gets together,” which also sparked rumors of Angela dating. separated from Michael.

the fight 90 day fiance the stars went head-to-head during an episode of the discovery+ spin-off, 90 days naked everyone in March 2021. Angela called the “Zara” rapper a “scammer” for his marriage and divorce from his ex Lisa “Lisa Girl” Hamme and claimed that it gave Nigerians a “bad name”. Angela also insulted the musician saying: “You sound like shit when you sing.”

SojaBoy reacted harshly to Angela’s comments, telling the mother-of-two she knew “nothing” and began calling her names. “If you ask me a question, you have to turn that pig off so you can hear me,” SojaBoy told the host. –Shaun Robinson. “She can’t be talking nonsense and you just keep me here.”

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Almost a year later, Angela and Usman would come face to face during the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7 reunion in January 2023. Usman and Angela wouldn’t be the only instance of cast members getting into major fights in a revealing reunion.

TLC personalities Tim Malcolm and master jesse they may have both been in 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days, but it is well known that they clashed after it was revealed that Jesse was dating Tim’s ex, Jennifer Tarazona.

After learning about his ex’s new relationship, Tim predicted that the couple’s affair would quickly fizzle out.

“They seem like the perfect match for each other,” the North Carolina native said. “Both are self-centered, somewhat selfish, narcissistic. They’ll be a great match until it goes out. I’d put my last dollar in that you’ll never see them together long term, and he better have a big wallet to keep her happy.”

After heated comments, Tim and Jesse butt heads during Season 2. 90 days: the single life tell it all in May 2022.

Keep scrolling to see the craziest 90 day fiance fights between cast members.

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