Chris Pratt Slammed for Mother’s Day Post Without Anna Faris

Oh! chris pratt He was criticized by fans for snubbing his ex-wife, Anna Farisfrom a Mother’s Day tribute publication.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers,” said the Guardians of the Galaxy The actor, 43, captioned an Instagram photo on Sunday, May 15, that was a group snap with his mother. Kathy Pratt, his wife, katherine schwarzeneggerand his mother, Mary Shriver.

Chris also commented how grateful he is for Katherine, 33, and their daughters, Eloise and Lyla. Although he mentioned his son Jack, he did not include the house bunny actress, 46, in the post. The former spouses share their 10-year-old son.

“Especially thankful today for Katherine. You’re a wonderful partner,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe star continued. “You have provided me [with] such a blessed life Our two daughters are very lucky to have you and you are the best step-mom to Jack. And to my mom, Kathy, you raised us with so much love, light and laughter, so grateful for you today and always. And to Maria, the best Mama G, I am lucky to have you as a mother-in-law. And to all the other moms in my life, I am so grateful for all you do. Thank you so much. I hope you feel celebrated today.”

Chris Pratt criticized for Mother's Day post without Anna Faris
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It didn’t take long for fans to realize that Anna’s name wasn’t mentioned in Chris’s post, with many taking to the comments section to call him out.

“Oh yeah, let’s leave out Jack’s mom, the one who gave you your first child,” wrote one Instagram user. What about your first wife? She is being a super mom raising her first child,” another person added, while another commented: “tom brady she managed to thank both of her exes in her Mother’s Day post. But I guess we can’t expect everyone to be perfect.”

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Despite the backlash Chris received, some of his loyal fans came to his defense.

“All those people making comments about Chris’s ex-wife, she didn’t make a Father’s Day post about him after they broke up either,” one fan commented, while another chimed in: “She literally said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day. ‘. to ALL mothers, that includes his ex, everyone calm down.”

This is not the first time that the jurassic world The protagonist has been criticized for his comments about the family. In November 2021, fans were angry at Chris for publicly thanking Katherine for “giving[ing him] an amazing life” and “a beautiful, healthy daughter,” while her and Anna’s son was born premature.

Seven months later, Chris addressed the heat he faced in an interview with men’s healthnoting that he “cried” at the sight of the negativity and was worried that Jack would see the comments later in life.

“[Ignoring online comments is] A lesson that I have learned. It is not a lesson that my son has learned yet, ”he explained, recalling the tribute on Instagram that he paid to his wife. “And then a bunch of articles came out saying, ‘That’s so embarrassing. I can’t believe Chris Pratt thanked him for a healthy daughter when his first child was born premature. That’s a huge insult to his ex-wife. … That’s fucked up. My son is going to read that one day. He is nine. And it’s set in digital stone.”

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