Cara Delevingne Feared She Would ‘End Up Dead’ Amid Addiction

Coming clean. cara delevigne admitted that it was “not right” as he opened up about his struggles with addiction and his path to sobriety.

while talking to Fashion For her cover story published on Wednesday, March 8, Cara, 30, explained how seeing terrifying paparazzi photos and videos of herself in September 2022 made her realize she was in a “bad” place.

“At the time, there were a lot of people who were very concerned, understandably,” she said, referring to photos of her behaving erratically and walking barefoot at an airport. “However, I wasn’t really worried… but that’s the nature of the disease.”

Cara added: “That’s addiction.”

The model explained that she eventually realized she needed to get into a 12-step program to overcome her addiction issues instead of doing a “quick fix” that wouldn’t “completely” help her.

“All I knew is that if he continued on the path he was on, he would end up dead or, like, doing something very, very stupid,” he said. Only murders in the building the actress told the outlet.

Calling the experience “scary,” Cara revealed that “the treatment was the best thing” for her. “It was always a scary thing for me, but I think I needed that community,” she shared. “I needed that support group.”

Cara went on to share information about what her new sober lifestyle is like.

“I’m enjoying [sobriety]. One of my favorite things is to go out dancing and have a good time, but actually have deep conversations and connections with people,” the London native explained. He also noted that he prefers to use the term “healing” rather than “recovery” because working on his sobriety is something he is “constantly doing.”

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Cara said therapy, yoga and ongoing treatment have helped her stay sober for the past four months.

Cara Delevingne feared she'd 'end up dead' if she didn't start treatment amid addiction struggles
David Fisher/Shutterstock for the SAG Awards

“This process obviously has its ups and downs, but I have begun to realize a lot of things. People want my story to be this after-school special where I just go, ‘Oh look, I was addicted, and now I’m sober and that’s it,’” she said. “And it’s not as simple as that. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

He suicide squad The actress concluded the song by acknowledging that she still has work ahead of her on her path to sobriety. “Of course I want things to be instant, I think this generation especially, we want things to happen quickly, but I’ve had to dig deeper,” she shared Cara.

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